Best 4 Ways To Solve Search Bar Glitches On Your TikTok Profile

TikTok has an expanding growth of followers and users because of its engaging video content. Indeed, the platform updates on a new trend and TikTok challenges where users can take an interest in these popular trends. Due to this, TikTok’s search bar plays a more crucial role than ever in finding particular videos.

Solve Search Bar Glitches On Your TikTok Profile
Solve Search Bar Glitches On Your TikTok Profile

Best 4 Ways To Solve Search Bar Glitches On Your TikTok Profile

The regular use of search bars on the TikTok app may have bugs if you are a popular TikToker. Hence, if you are reading this article to resolve the search bar glitches on your TikTok profile, keep reading this article ahead.

Sometimes, a corrupted TikTok installation file causes these search bar bugs on the platform. Above all, TikTok search bar glitches due to software, faulty servers, and slow internet connection must be the reason behind the troubleshooting issue.

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Today, we will describe what to do if the search bar is not operating correctly on TikTok or when you find search bar glitches.

1. Check TikTok Serves

If a particular feature is not functioning on TikTok, it may resonate with the wrong features within the platform. TikTok’s team can be performing system maintenance on the servers.

However, even TikTok can be an unexpected issue. To check this, you can look at third-party sites, where you can check the platform’s current status.

If still there’s a problem on TikTok’s side, you don’t have to make anything as server-based bugs are not solvable from your end. Meanwhile, the following processing resolution below is when TikTok’s servers are working on troubleshooting the problem on your device.

2. Use TikTok Search Filters

Sometimes, it is evident that glitches within TikTok’s search bar have loopholes while using the search filters where you can get the search feature to work and get the results you need for your TikTok Profile.

  • Now, if you like to make this, follow the steps the following steps to start your process:
  • First, open the TikTok app and then click on the Discover tab.
  • Then, search for any TikTok videos and hashtag challenges.
  • Now, click on the Options button next to the search bar to access the search filters.
  • Finally, select a different Date Posted and Sort By option and click Apply.
  • Once done, you can see some results on the Screen.

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4. Clear Your Profile Cache On TikTok

If the TikTok’s platform update didn’t work, you could try clearing your TikTok Profile’s cache. However, some of the TikTok platform’s temporary data may have gotten corrupted, creating a few features to malfunction.

These are the following steps that you should do to resolve your cache on your device(for your TikTok profile):

  • First, on your TikTok app drawer, click on TikTok to start it.
  • After that, enter your Profile and click on the Options tab.
  • Next, jump down to the Caches and open the Free Up Tab.
  • Last, click on the Clear button below the Caches menu tab to delete TikTok’s quick information.

5. Report Your Search Bar Glitch To TikTok Support

Is your TikTok search bar glitch still bugging your Profile? After trying all these above methods, try to contact the TikTok support team. For several TikTok users, after a short message to the TikTok Support, their search bar bugs disappeared after some days.

Thus, it can sometimes be a backend software bug that the platform hasn’t seen yet. However, even it can be a profile-based bug that just TikTok can fix by checking under the platform.

Overall, proposing the issue with TikTok Support can offer you a definitive solution:

  • First, select Me from the bottom bar, and click the menu button in the upper-right hand to access the Settings.
  • Next, under Support, click Report a problem, select a Topic, and select Feed, Search, and Share.
  • Now, select Search and choose the right topic, like Searching for your TikTok content.
  • On the next page, you can see to report your error under Is your problem resolved?
  • Last, write a short description of your TikTok search bar bugs and click Report.
  • Now submit your Report on the search bar issue; next, wait for the TikTok Support team to get back to you. Hence, do check through your TikTok Profile’s Inbox often.
  • Thus the only fix to resolve the search bar is to take some time for TikTok to respond.

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Things To Remember

If you are ready to recap, the TikTok’s search bar glitch is another standard TikTok error that users report. So, if you spot something unusual with the TikTok search bar feature, we hope you have slipped across the guide.

This guide offers four simple issues when the TikTok search bar isn’t working, whether it can be your Android or iOS devices.

By solving your TikTok search bar glitch, discover several viral trends and top posts the FYP offers. Or, if you are tricky, go ahead and follow the best TikToker or creator.

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