Speed Up Downloads | How To Download Files From BitTorrent

Speed Up Downloads: Torrent is a method of sharing files by connecting the PC / laptop that you want to download to the PC / laptop that has the file. Unfortunately, a number of ISPs or internet providers prohibit torrent download/upload activities so that torrents are eventually blocked.

Speed Up Downloads | How to Download Files from BitTorrent
Speed Up Downloads | How to Download Files from BitTorrent

Speed Up Downloads | How to Download Files from BitTorrent

Such activity is blocked due to the user’s tendency to download copyright-protected files (such as downloading 1080p movies for free). In fact, if you’ve never heard of your ISP blocking torrenting, it could be slowing down networks involving torrentingor the BitTorrent app – for whatever reason.

Therefore, if you download a file via BitTorrent, the download or seeding speed can be slow.

1 How to Speed ​​Up Downloads on BitTorrent with a VPN

Of course, a VPN is not an illegal tool – as long as you use it wisely. You can use a VPN to access torrent servers faster – in short, you can speed up the download and seeding process even if torrents are blocked in your country (or have limited bandwidth).

The best VPN for desktop is Betternet. This VPN is lightweight and easy on the eyes and doesn’t display ads. Free. You can torrent either downloading or seeding with a very fast connection as if you were doing it in another country.

The most important thing to note: the speed remains depending on the internet network you are using. If the internet connection is slow, the VPN connection will follow suit.

So, you might use the second method or trick:

2 Speed ​​Up BitTorrent by Downloading Just One File

BitTorrent by default will download multiple files at the same time. This certainly slows down the download speed if your internet connection is indeed slow.

To speed things up, open BitTorrent and go toOptions>Preferences.

Under Queueing, change theMaximum number of active downloadsto1.

This will make BitTorrent download files one by one, making the process even faster.

3 Ensuring UPnP Port Mapping is Enabled

BitTorrent has the option to enable UPnP Port Mapping. This feature serves to strengthen the network of the PC / laptop receiving the file (downloader) with the PC / laptop sending the file (seeder), which of course will speed up the download process.

Open BitTorrent. Still inPreferences. Then go to theConnection tab.

Make sureEnable UPnP port mapping isenabled.

4 Reducing Upload Speed ​​to Speed ​​Up Downloads

When you download a file, the file is also uploaded. BitTorrent is not a place to download files, but to share files. So of course, every time you download a file, at the same time you upload (send) the file to other users.

However, for convenience, especially if the internet you are using is very slow, reducing upload speed is very effective at speeding up downloads.

Open BitTorrent. Still inPreferences. Go to theBandwidth tab.

Change theMaximum upload rateto1.

5 Maximizing BitTorrent Network Speed

This trick is also effective so that the download speed is faster.

Still inPreferences. Go to theAdvanced tab.

Search forbt.connect_speed. Enter the value to80.

That’s how you can speed up your internet speed. If you have any issues, comment us in the comment box.

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