StreamSquid – Free Spotify Alternatives For Android And PC

Are you looking for a free alternative to Spotify to listen to songs without ads? StreamSquid could be the ideal solution!

StreamSquid - Free Spotify Alternatives for Android and PC
StreamSquid – Free Spotify Alternatives for Android and PC

It is available both for PC through the website and for Android as an App, let’s find out.

Free Spotify alternatives for Android

As for Android, the application is present for free on the PlayStore (link at the end of the paragraph) and has two interesting features:

  • Zero advertising
  • Default playlists

By default Playlists are for example the Top 100 of iTunes, Top 50 songs listened to in Italy and so on.

Here are some that you can find in the home section of the app:

In addition, by creating an account, you can create your own playlists and save songs as favorites.

The songs are taken from YouTube.

TIP: I recommend you to register from PC or smartphone in desktop mode using the website and not directly from the app as it 9 times out of 10 then crashes.

To download it, use the PlayStore button here:

Download StreamSquid

Free Spotify alternative for PC

On the PC there is awebsitewhere, by logging in with the same account as the Android app, you can find all your Playlists to listen to, one of which is of no small importance.

In addition, the graphics on the home page are very similar to Spotify, with many playlists already present and the possibility of listening to music by author, album, etc.

As an alternative to Spotify for free it proves to be reliable and the ability to take advantage of predefined playlists is a feature sought by many as well as that of synchronizing their playlists from smartphones and PC!

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