How Can We Surf the Internet Privately And Anonymously?

Surf the Internet Privately And Anonymously
Surf the Internet Privately And Anonymously

How you can view Instagram stories privately and legal

Today, if we think about what our grandparents had, what we did not have, then quite banal things immediately come to our mind, such as the Internet, a computer or a smartphone.

However, there are things much less obvious, but sometimes even more significant, than the Internet or a computer. I’m talking about privacy. Almost every website or app (and even our phone) collects data about us.

Services and social networks collect information about our preferences, location, save our mail and much more. Satellite networks allow us to determine our location with an accuracy of up to a meter.

Today, to maintain privacy when using social networks and other applications, the user must use third-party programs, or use special tools that do not reveal your data.

So, for example, to extend the functionality of an app like Instagram, a user can use a third party app (like Inflact, popular today for watch IG stories anonymously) so that you can view Instagram stories privately.

Special third-party services and tools allow you to download videos from Instagram in any format. You can anonymously view and download Instagram stories, photos and videos from any users.

There are other services that allow you to maintain privacy on the Internet. They are not particularly popular among ordinary users, but nevertheless, they are reducing their popularity among the needy circle of people. Probably the most banal and common way to hide your location is to use a VPN.

VPN (or virtual private network) is a special set of technologies that allows you to provide one or more network connections (logical network) through another network (for example, the Internet). Most often, VPN services are used for the following purposes:

1) Protection of personal data;

2) Anonymity;

3) Remote access. For example, if company employees work remotely and data must be encrypted: passwords, documentation, etc;

4) Access to blocked resources. VPNs are often used when you need to visit a site that is blocked in a certain country;

The most popular VPN services are ExpressVPN, VPN Proxy Master and atlasVPN.

In addition to VPN services, there are also a large number of privacy applications these days. Some of them use certain services and messengers, while others advocate joining already existing services.

Back to Instagram, in terms of third-party tools and clients, it’s a very private social network. Download a photo, upload a photo from a computer, hide your status – all this is not available to a regular user.

However, with Story Ghost, you can view any public Instagram profile and view your stories without giving your name.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is a web browser that allows you to surf the Internet securely. It also uses the DuckDuckGo search engine. The search engine claims that it does not track various search queries, even for advertising purposes.


Telegram is an infamous “secret” app. In fact, Telegram is so good at keeping secrets that the Russian government is trying to ban it. Both of these applications perform similar actions. It is allow you to communicate with other people with full encryption (end-to-end).

TOR browser

TOR is a special program that is Mozilla Firefox’s advanced general educational browser and has a privacy feature.

It is available on a limited basis, is open source, and has built-in functionality that allows you to use online anonymity and bypass all blocking of web resources. This is great for circumventing censorship, and also has a number of advantages:

  • Complete anonymity for the user;
  • Hidden IP address;
  • Bypassing censorship online;
  • Access to blocked sites and web pages.

Despite the wide possibilities of TOR for creating a private surfing on the Internet, there are some features that are important for users to know:

  • Sites loaded via Tor are slower;
  • Some web services may block users using an anonymous browser;
  • In countries with authoritarian regimes where it is forbidden to read anything or publish something anonymously.

Although maintaining privacy has become quite a challenge in our time, there are many options available to the modern user to save their personal data. After all, no one ever knows at what point a person needs to leave the house and never return back.

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