6 Tactics to Drive Sales with Video Content

Video content is the most preferred content around the globe by sellers and consumers. Approximately 48% of customers prefer video content to know more about a brand or a product. Before investing time and money into any product/service, customers want to ensure its quality.

Tactics to Drive Sales with Video Content
Tactics to Drive Sales with Video Content

6 Tactics to Drive Sales with Video Content

Therefore, video is the best content that can help consumers watch the product/services closely and the associated backstory.

In 2022, internet users watch around 15 hours of video in seven days. By the end of 2022, the viewing hours of internet users are predicted to increase. In this digital era, videos are the best way to boost sales and drive engagement. Read on to know six techniques that help a brand boost sales with video content.

Why rely on video content in 2022?

Brands may wonder why there is a need to use video content when there are different types of content. From blogs to audio ads, several types of content can be used by brands to boost sales. Well, videos are the most-preferred content by consumers around the world. No other type of content is as popular as videos around the globe.

More and more brands are now using videos to widen their reach. You don’t want to be left behind in this competitive era by ignoring video content. Videos have many attention-grabbing elements that are responsible for boosting sales. Some pros of using video content for marketing in 2022 are as follows:

  • Enhances conversion and engagement rate of digital channels.
  • With video, a brand’s website can get a better ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).
  • With increased website traffic with video content, a brand will open doors to several monetization options.
  • Branded videos aren’t restricted to any particular digital channel. By sharing video content, a brand can boast an omnichannel presence.
  • You will get higher returns on the amount invested in creating brand videos.

As one can see, there are many pros to using video content in 2022. Almost every business is trying to go online by some or other means. However, not all brand videos receive the same attention from viewers.

The problem isn’t with the video content; it is with adopting the wrong video marketing strategy. Let us see how a brand can boost its sales with the help of video content in 2022.

Pay attention to the KISS method for creating videos

Many marketers recommend the KISS methodology for creating brand videos. KISS methodology, also known as Keep-It-Simple-Stupid might seem absurd at first.

But, instead of its cryptic name, the KISS methodology is needed in today’s scenario of increased competition. It says that a brand should make simple videos that are straight to the point.

A brand can make a few advanced videos that include satire or a hidden message. However, all your videos should not be complex as they will ignore by the mass audience.

Instead of making complex videos, brands should create videos that are simple and focused on a central idea. The idea can be a product, service, or any particular consumer action.

Use the required tools to make exciting brand videos

What is the first thing you need to make brand videos? Many people would say a camera, some lights, a microphone, and other things. Well, once you record brand videos, you have to add editing efforts to make them exciting.

You’ll also need a decent video maker to add attention-grabbing effects to your videos. Transitions, animations, text, and much more can be added to brand videos with the help of ai video editor. Not to forget, even novices can create eye-catching brand videos with the help of an editing platform.

Many online editing platforms can help you jump to the next level of video creation. Small businesses that do not want to spend funds on getting video editor subscriptions can rely on free platforms. Once a business has boosted its sale, it can shift towards paid and advanced editing platforms.

Follow a multichannel strategy for sharing videos

Many businesses include only a few digital channels while launching a marketing campaign. Why restrict yourself to only a few digital channels when videos can be shared across many platforms? Some brands only share videos on their official website and restrict themselves to a single channel.

Sales will be boosted when a brand has an omnichannel presence. By having an omnichannel presence, more people will view your videos and end up becoming long-term customers. Share videos on more than one social media site to drive engagement and boost sales.

Address the pain points of viewers

People trust a brand easily that listens to their problems and suggestions. As a responsible brand, you should listen to the customer’s grievances. Videos are the best way to answer customer queries and address their suggestions.

At frequent intervals, a brand can share a video answering the common questions asked by viewers. You can take viewer questions from emails or comment sections of previous videos.

Product-based brands should try to clear customer confusion regarding their product in the market. By doing so, more people will understand your product, and you have a chance to boost sales.

Showcase social proof regarding your products/services

With many businesses trying to compete, it can be hard to build brand credibility. You can collect social proof explaining the pros of your products/services to build brand credibility. A brand can ask viewers to share good experiences about their products and services on social media platforms.

A brand can collect social proof and make a single video to show other people. Your sales will be boosted in no time with customer testimonial videos in 2022.

End your brand videos with CTAs

CTA (Call to Action) is crucial in boosting the sales of any brand. With a CTA at the end of a brand video, one can convince viewers to take action. The action could be visiting the product link or official website. Link your product pages in video CTAs to drive sales!


So that was our take on the six tactics to drive sales with the help of video content. Hope you found it helpful.

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