The Benefits Of Carpet Removal For Your Family’s Health

Carpets are just amazing in your home. They provide additional insulation to keep your feet a little warmer. The thicker they are, the warmer will your feet be during cold seasons. Additionally, they provide a sound barrier in your home. With a carpet in your home, everything looks cozy. The chances of falling or slipping are reduced to being practically non-existent.

The Benefits Of Carpet Removal For Your Family's Health
The Benefits Of Carpet Removal For Your Family’s Health

The Benefits Of Carpet Removal For Your Family’s Health

However, carpets are only good for about ten years. You can clean them as thoroughly and vigorously as you want, they are master absorbents. A carpet soaks up everything in your environment, not only smells. It’s important to change carpets on a regular basis, let alone for your health.

Once their time has come, carpet removal is in order. Look for a professional service and have a good thought about your next flooring.

Do any of you have an allergy?
Do any of you have an allergy?

Do any of you have an allergy?

An allergic has anything but an easy life. Most people do not only suffer from food allergies, which can make life rather difficult. If you are allergic to something, you tend to be more sensitive than others. Where there’s one allergy, another one will soon join in.

For example, if you’ve been suffering from hay fever, there are cross-allergies to food. You don’t have to develop all cross-allergies that are known. It’s usually only a few. A cross-allergy can also work vice versa.

Maybe you develop a particular allergy to pollen at some point, that’s based on one food allergy, such as hazelnuts. And if you already are on the sensitive side, chances are you’re developing a dust allergy, too.

The bad news for carpet is that due to its absorbent nature, pollen, as well as dust, like to gather in your carpet. And where there’s dust there usually also are dust mites.

Being allergic to dust mites is not uncommon either. You can hoover it every day, but you will never be able to get those culprits out completely. A professional carpet cleaning may reduce symptoms for a while, but all of those allergens will build up again. At the same time, they cannot be removed completely.

Be on the lookout for allergies

Remember that allergy symptoms do not only include sneezing, but also skin rashes or general itchiness. Yes, your skin rash might actually result from your carpet as an allergic reaction.

If you or one of your family members has allergies, it’s time for carpet removal. Maybe it’d be a good idea to choose hardwood flooring or laminate next. Those floorings are easier to clean.

The dangers of mold and mildew
The dangers of mold and mildew

The dangers of mold and mildew

Unfortunately, you don’t always realize in time that you may have a mold problem in your home. It can practically grow undisturbed for a while before you notice it. The most important tell-tale sign is that particular moldy stench in the air that there could be something wrong.

If you can’t find the origin of the smell, it’s probably on your carpet. As a result of water damage or even spilled juice that wasn’t cleaned up properly, it can start to build up.

Also, if you live in a humid climate, your carpet is prone to mold rather easily. Once mold has gotten a foothold, it spreads to other areas. Bit by bit it affects your health and you may wonder why you always feel so ill. Or why do you suffer from headaches so often? Without being allergic, you’ve suddenly developed a skin rash.

Yes, it might mold. You can only get rid of it completely if you tackle it in time and arrange a carpet removal. You should take care of it at the latest if you’ve noticed stains on your carpet. Stains are a common reason for carpet removal, but these black, green, or white stains you wouldn’t be able to clean.

Additionally, where there’s mold, you’ve got a buildup of mycotoxins. It’s a toxin that’s produced by fungi. The longer you’re exposed to them, the weaker your immune system gets. It could also cause problems with your stomach or even lead to death. Stay healthy and get the carpet removal done.

More difficulties with COPD and asthma

Everything that your carpet absorbs can result in a worsening of symptoms when you have COPD or asthma. You’ll most likely be alright for quite a while after a new carpet has been installed. But the older the carpet gets, the more dirt builds up inside of it. Your dirty carpet will, in turn, lower the air quality in your home.

We all know how badly poor air quality can impact human health. At some point, the air quality inside of your home might be even worse than the air quality outside. It’s just a matter of time when it starts to affect you seriously.

Schedule a carpet removal and see how you’re doing afterward with a new floor. You’ll certainly feel much better and notice fewer symptoms.

A paradise for bacteria
A paradise for bacteria

A paradise for bacteria

Since not only pollen, dust as well as dust mites love the comfort of your carpet as much as you do, so are bacteria. Each time you walk on your carpet with your shoes, you carry in bacteria.

Dirty shoes are obviously worse. In fact, your carpet can hold as much as 200.000 bacteria in each square inch. That doesn’t sound too charming, does it?

A good carpet cleaning will eventually do the job every now and then, but just like pollen and dust, bacteria can hide deep inside your carpet. The deeper they are, the harder they are to remove and they’ll eventually stay to populate your area.

If you tend to spill food or have pets, you can rest assured there are tons of bacteria in your carpet. With carpet removal, you can instantly become healthier as well as your family.

Parting Words

We know, you can probably hardly wait now to have a carpet removal. And maybe opt for another flooring that’s easier to clean.

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