The Best Sites to Find Serials And Keygens

In this article, we will tell you the best sites to find serials and keygens. Before we go any further, you might not all know what we call serialsandkeygen.

The Best Sites to Find Serials And Keygens!
The Best Sites to Find Serials And Keygens!


Aserialis aserial number or digital product activation key, usually software. It is most of the time unique and is obtained when you buy a license of a digital product in order to take full advantage of all the features and updates unlike the demo versions.


The wordkeygenis the concatenation of two English wordskeywhich means Key andGen(for Generator) which means generator. Thekeygenis therefore a key generator.

The advantage of a keygen is that it allows a very large number of keys to be generated and thus to be able to deploy the digital product on several workstations without the risk of ending up with an activation key (serial) already activated or obsolete.

Note: The use ofserial is somewhat obsolete, most of the time the “pirated versions” are accompanied by a crack often called a patch which overwrites the original executable.

However, the use of a serial is of course safer than that of a crackwhich often hides malware (malicious software), likeransomware,trojan,virus,worm

Is their use legal?

The consequences: Heavy fine that can be accompanied by a prison sentence. In reality, as an individual you are not risking much. Publishers are more interested in professionals who use the software fraudulently than in individuals.

After that, keep in mind that the development of an application costs a lot of money in research and development as well as many hours of work.

So if after if you have obtained satisfaction from a digital product that you have been able to use in full version thanks to aserialorkeygen: do yourself a favor and reward the developers by purchasing an official version on which you will benefit fromupdates and new features.

Last important point

Your computer does not risk anything if you use aserial, it is only an activation key in the form of text. On the other hand, it is not uncommon to see trojans (trojan) or even worms (worms) behind akeygen.I therefore recommend that you take the utmost caution before executing them.

I invite you to first scan them with your antivirus, then run it in a sandbox likesandboxy inorder to isolate thekeygenfrom your operating system.

The best serials and keygen sites


SerialBay is gradually falling into disuse. The site is no longer updated as often as before. However, there are still valid serials!


Like SerialBay, YouSerials is experiencing the same fate and there are few recent additions. Its database is still substantial.


Formerly KeyGenGuru, the site has kept its disgusting colors. Like its two predecessors, you will be more likely to find a serial for Photoshop CS5 (v.12) than for Photoshop CC 2018 (v.19). Despite everything, it remains a good reference, even if the colors are shit.


SmartSerial offers more or less the same serials as the sites mentioned above. It does nothing more than the others except its forum on which one can formulate queries concerning a serial and possibly find a serial on the forum which has not been entered in the database of the site.


Just like Serial.Ws, Serials.Be is continuously updated. Even if it is difficult to find serials for recent software that works, because publishers no longer validate only through a simple serial.

There are still some nuggets there. The serials are noted and we quickly identify those which do not work or which are obsolete.

So much the better, the site is almost entirely in Putin’s language. This site is not limited to serial, but also to KeyGen, Crack and Patch. So, remember what I said above about running a Keygen, Crack, or Patch. Prudence is the mother of safety.

Well the site is definitely ugly and its database is far from the best. But it was necessary to complete this top. You can always try your luck there if you haven’t found what you were looking for in others.


If despite these sites you cannot find aserialorkeygen number, you can still use Google and its operators to find one, by entering for example:

Parent Directory Index of "Photoshop CC 2018"

Don’t forget to keep in mind that a paid version presents no risk for your machine (absence of viruses, trojans, etc.), that you will benefit from updates and new features. Finally, you will have a clear conscience and be in compliance with the law.

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