The Best Spotify Alternatives in 2023

You don’t thinkSpotifyis right for you, I guessed it? Fortunately, there arevalid alternatives for free(and not) that I have personally tested and that they want you to know.

Best Spotify Alternatives
Best Spotify Alternatives

The Best Spotify Alternatives in 2023

Spotify reached over350 million usersin 2022, of which over 150 million are paying, the same company and some of the major national newspapers such as Sky TG24 confirm this .

I talked about how to get Spotify Premium for freeon both iPhone and Android, but if you are looking for a free alternative (or not), I highly recommend that you continue reading this guide.

In fact, some users, probably like you, are not satisfied with the service and arelooking for a valid alternative to Spotify.

As already mentioned, in this guide I will let you know all thealternatives to Spotifythat can offer you a service equal to or even better than the latter.

Get comfortable because I’ll start with the list right away, you won’t waste time but you’ll get to the point straight away.

Ready? Let’s start.

Paid Spotify Alternatives

Apple Music

Apple Music needs no introduction and the quality of service is guaranteed by Apple itself. The music catalog has nothing to envy to that of Spotify and the new graphic interface has greatly improved the user experience compared to the first version. Also there is the advantage of sync with all other Apple services.

The free trial is90 days(3 months).

Visit Music


Deezer, together with Apple Music, is the best alternative to Spotify as it offers a music catalog of millions of songs (including Italian ones) and a very respectable user experience.

You will also be able to enjoyoffline playback , so download all the songs you want and listen even without the internet.

Try the free 30 day period.

Visit Deezer


Tidal is a still little known streaming music service in Italy, but with a catalog of over 60 million songs.

Its particular feature, which differentiates it from the competition, is the loseless streaming that is the reproduction of music files without any compression. Thus the best possible audio quality, without data loss.

Tidal is available with two subscriptions:

  • Base at € 9.99 per month (with 30 days free).
  • Family with max 5 accounts: 14.99 € per month in the standard version and 29.99 € per month with loseless quality.
  • Studendi: € 4.99 per month and € 9.99 per month in the loseless version.

Try it for 30 days for free and then calmly evaluate which plan is right for you.

Visit Tidal

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon needs no introduction.

Great especially if you have Alexa at home, which you can synchronize and manage directly with your voice.

You can try it for3 months for freeand without obligation.


Its business has spread to many sectors, including music streaming.

It goes without saying that the catalog is really large and on par with Spotify but it doesn’t offer a free solution.

Napster is very similar to Spotify and can count on a minimal and intuitive graphical interface. Probably the latter is its real strength because otherwise it has all the features of the main competitor, including offline playback.

Start your free 30-day trial now.

Visit Napster

Spotify alternatives for free

eSound Music

eSound Musicis the best Spotify alternative of 2022.

The reason? It is practically the same as Spotify, both in the graphical interface and in the functionalities.

And do you want to know why it is even more beautiful?

It is completely free!

The music tracks featured on this free App isover 150 million songs!

Nothing to envy to the original.

There is also the possibility of creating personalized playlists, listening to music even in the background and discovering all the tracks that are in trend.

If we really want to find a mole it is the fairly frequent advertising that occurs between the reproduction of a song and the other.

However, I believe it is the right compromise to have a free alternative to Spotify!

I suggest you try it, here are the apps of the respective official stores:


A completely free and Open Source music streaming service that is compatible with the main devices on the market.

You will have free and unlimited access to the entire music and video catalog from anywhere in the world through the official website.

Visit Ampache

Spotify alternatives offline


It is one of thebest free alternatives to Spotify offlinethat allows you to listen and download music freely. You will have unlimited access to all the music of independent artists and you can create your favorite playlists through the use of the app or directly from your computer’s browser.

Visit Jamendo

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