The Five Best Apps to Make a Free Resume

If you urgently need to create aresumethatmakes a good impressionand is easy to select in interviews, take note of the following applications and tools to create and edit a professionally finished resume.

The Five Best Apps to Make a Free Resume (With a Professional Finish)

The Five Best Apps to Make a Free Resume

Finding a job is always an odyssey when we have little experience, few studies or when we are going to start in the world of work for the first time. If this is your situation, you should keep in mind that the design of your resume plays a vital and determining role in finding a good job.

This is not what we say, the experts say. For example, just a few months ago, recruiters atHarvard University revealed to the world what elements of a resume matter. Of the five items that stood out,layout and readability were key aspects to consider.

Because if we are talking about looking for a job, it is true,the first impression counts, and a lot! Therefore, it is essential that you know how to choose the most appropriate tools to make your CV before applying for a job offer.

Without further ado, today we are going to show you the best applications to create free resumes with a very professional finish. All of them contain free templates, easy to use anddownload in PDF versionsso that nothing moves from your site when printing it!

Best apps to make free resumes

These are thebest apps and websites to create free, beautiful and professional resumes. Oh, and so you don’t have any doubts, we leave you the direct link to each app so you can start right now.

Resume CV Application

One of the simplest and most comfortable applications to make your resume isCurriculum Application CV. We put it in the first place because its operation is very simple, so much so that you only have to choose one of the formats that the application offers you and fill it in with your personal, academic and work data.

In fact, we went with it in the first place because it contains a wide variety ofmodern, highly readable and attractive resume designs. Of course, as soon as you have finished editing the resume you can export it via PDF.


Canvais an app and website that allows you to edit photos, videos, and create your own files, including your resume design. It has hundreds of templates designed by experts, among which stand out modern CVs, corporate-style and those that are adapted to a specific profession (graphic designer, architect, etc.).

This tool does not have any cost, with the exception that you must create an account to access the designs and discard the curriculum after editing.


Another online platform (with anapp) to create your resume quickly and efficiently isResume( ). As soon as you enter its interface, the web allows you to easily edit a resume.

It has designs for all jobs and professional sectors, as well as includes some sample sentences to fill out your cv (in case you don’t know what to put). It is, without a doubt, one of the most intuitive websites, and like Canva, it requires prior registration to download the edited cv.

The page is in English and is partnered withIndeed, a popular active job search platform.

Do You Buzz

This application is one of the most complete in the panorama of creating resumes. It is a free tool,has a large portfolio of templatesand allows you to create a CV in web, PDF and mobile-friendly formats in a matter of minutes.

Its interface is simple, so you won’t have to be a great computer specialist to create a modern, attractive CV that recruiters like. Another fact in favor ofDo You Buzzis that it is available in several languages ​​and it is a tool that has the option toimport your finished cv to LinkedIn and Facebook.

CV Maker

Another of the simplest applications to create a resume instantly isCV Maker, a free tool that will allow us to design our resume in a simple way and with a truly professional finish.

What we like the most about this app is that you can modify the templates on the go and choose the design that best suits your profile. Like the previous application, CV Maker allows us to export our edited and finalized CV to LinkedIn and Facebook.

With these five applications, you will be able to create a resume that perfectly suits your job profile and that is tremendously attractive to recruiters. Don’t think twice and good luck!

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