The Great Internet Value Grab: How the Digital Revolution Has Given Consumers More

The internet has revolutionized more activities, products, and industries than anything else in history. Simply by making things more accessible, websites and apps have given rise to new perspectives and ideas on everything from education and entertainment to shopping and communication.

How the Digital Revolution Has Given Consumers More
How the Digital Revolution Has Given Consumers More

One of the most powerful ways in which the internet has changed the world around us is value. Today, you can get more value than you could 20 years ago.

Take, for example, insurance. Comparison sites are designed to scour the latest insurance deals and filter them based on your circumstances. This allows you to find the offers that are best for you and, in turn, save money and/or get more bang for your buck.

The same is true in other industries. Online gaming has become a multi-billion-market thanks, in part, to an affinity for offering customers more value.

Get More for Your Time Online

Bingo sites are particularly adept at this. The bingo offers from Buzz, for instance, include free game tickets and daily deals that give customers the chance to win slot spins and cash prizes. The overall aim of these promotions is to ensure everyone gets something extra for their time online.

That’s appealing in bingo and the gaming sector at large for two reasons. Firstly, games of chance are uncertain endeavors. In other words, wins aren’t guaranteed.

Secondly, free game tickets and extra bets provide another chance to win. When there are potentially lucrative prizes up for grabs, any additional ways to win are extremely enticing.

These are the reasons bonuses are big business in online gaming. However, beyond that, they’re another example of how people can get more value via the internet. The same is true of social media sites.

Go to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook right now and follow any major brand and you’ll probably see that they’re running some sort of giveaway.

Competitive Markets Mean More Value for Consumers

Naturally, the value of the prize will align with the entry requirements. For example, if all you have to do is like and retweet a post, the prize is going to be fairly small.

However, if you’re required to create and upload a video saying why a certain company is great, the prize will be a lot more valuable.

The point here is that this is another way to get something extra for very little effort. The internet is awash with these types of opportunities and that’s why it’s a great source of value.

Why, though? Why has the internet become a place where you can get more for less? Accessibility is the answer. There are more than 4.6 billion internet users according to Statista.

That means the potential market for a company is bigger than it’s ever been. It also means that there are more companies out there looking to get a piece of the action.

These two things have increased the level of competition. Indeed, if you go to Google and search for sneakers, you’ll be presented with over 2 billion results.

Of course, not all of these results will be types of sneaker or sneaker outlets. However, this example gives you an idea of just how competitive things are online.

Don’t Settle for Anything Less than Extra Value

With that being the case, it makes sense for companies to give you something extra. Regardless of whether it’s a discount, a freebie, or maybe some sort of exclusive content, companies in all sectors have to stand out from the crowd.

Then, on top of this, tracking cookies make it possible to target certain users and create personalized experiences.

Therefore, with a little bit of investment and a willingness to give away something, companies can generate interest in their products or services. This doesn’t mean added extras always work.

However, it’s a strategy that’s become commonplace online and that’s something you can use to your advantage as a consumer. The lesson here is that you shouldn’t settle for less.

If you’re spending money online, make sure you get something extra because the internet is awash with offers and added value.

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