The Most Marvelous Women in Games

Everyone who loves games be it slots at PlayAmo Australia or video games pay attention to characters. Here are the coolest girls from video games, who instantly grab your attention and leave no gamer indifferent.

The Most Marvelous Women in Games
The Most Marvelous Women in Games

The Most Marvelous Women in Games

Faith, Mirror’s Edge

Graceful Faith lives in a metropolis of the future that none of you would want to be in: the government monitors people’s every move and controls their everyday lives. Faith has decided to fight the system that took her mother away from her and left her without a home.

To pass information to someone, citizens use the services of couriers, which includes Faith. All of them move mostly on the roofs of high-rise buildings. And sometimes the girl’s pirouettes are naturally breathtaking. Watch the video to see what Faith deals with every day.

Eloy, Horizon Zero Dawn

Eloi lives in a challenging future world where humanity has survived a cataclysm and is forced to hide from cybernetic dinosaurs. The remnants of humans have actually returned to the primitive period: they live in caves, hunt with spears, and gather herbs to make medicines.

In addition to her incredible beauty and courage, Eloi combines such qualities as femininity and dexterity. The latter is especially important because without it you cannot survive in this aggressive world.

Ellie, The Last of Us: Part II

Ellie grew up in a harsh environment. She didn’t have the childhood that every girl dreams of. There were no stuffed toys, no first kiss with a boy, no braided pigtails.

In the first part of the game, she was only 14 years old, and instead of the above, she was surrounded only by violence and a deadly epidemic that turns people into zombies.

Kate Diaz, Gears 5

Kate suffers from endless nightmares haunting her because of a horrible past. Her mother has been turned into the queen of the Locusts, the monsters that have taken control of Earth in the not-too-distant future. Kate herself serves in an elite squad of Gears and tries to rid the planet of these things.

She also has an amazing ability to make jokes and stay positive, even when sitting behind a rock under torrential enemy fire. Such a character is rare even in our world, which makes Kate even more unique.

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider

It would be strange if this list did not include the famous Tomb Raider. Although Lara Croft’s popularity has declined recently, she is still an example of a real woman. Strong, independent, pathos, graceful – all this is about her.

In fact, Lara has no competitors for dangerous adventures. After all, if you are suddenly asked to name an iconic female character, you will name Lara Croft.

Ada Wong, Resident Evil

A mysterious woman in a red dress, a captor of men’s hearts and a fearless spy – that only describes Ada Wong. Her key characteristic is mystery. She never lets the player know her plans and is always one step ahead.

Now Ada has become the epitome of a strong and independent woman who can solve problems on her own. And hardly anyone else can run as elegantly across rooftops in stilettos and a tight red dress.

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