The New Photoshop Tool That Uses AI (Updated 2023)

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best-known graphic design tools in the world. After all the “Boom” that artificial intelligence is having, the company could not stay on the sidelines.

New Photoshop Tool That Uses AI

The New Photoshop Tool That Uses AI (Updated 2023)

Rumors of a novelty called “generative filler” have been circulating in recent weeks. This is the new feature that Photoshop offers to its users through AI (artificial intelligence).

Despite the fact that it has its beta version, this Photoshop AI tool has caused a sensation among its users. This tool (generative fill) uses an AI engine to generate images that sits within its own interface. Give anyone the ability to edit images through artificial intelligence.

Some uses of Photoshop with AI

Some Photoshop tools allowed you to warp, but this new tool goes much further. It not only manipulates the images but is also capable of generating entirely new images from the matrix image.

An example of this is how to turn the head of a tiger, make it have its mouth open or closed, or change its size, put a person smiling… endless possibilities.

And although it currently has some bugs because it is a beta version, it certainly promises a lot. And basically, this tool does not distort but rather manipulates the images at will or rather yours.

This tool can be a valuable complement to other generative AIs like DALL-E2 or Midjourney. Since in addition to creating an image from scratch, you can manipulate it to your liking to obtain the result that you were initially looking for. Creating images from scratch exactly as you envisioned in your head is closer than ever.

Considering other aspects, it has a very simple interface. This tool offers a series of controls that is enough to establish a few starting points and the direction in which that “modification” will take place. It is at that point where the program will be in charge of generating those final images.

In addition to these functions, we have the possibility of introducing new elements in our photographs from a text from the application itself.

All we have to do is select the area where we want to introduce these elements and request the request by text. In addition, it also incorporates erasing tools that improve what Adobe offered but with a fill function.

For example, if there are many people in a photograph that you really want to disappear, you simply select them and Photoshop fills in that missing bulge.

At the moment, this application only works with texts in English, and it is available in its beta version of Photoshop. It can be downloaded with the Creative Cloud plan that includes the app.


In short, this new “generative fill” artificial intelligence feature in Adobe Photoshop has generated great enthusiasm among users. This tool not only allows you to manipulate images, but also to generate completely new images.

Although it is still in beta and has some bugs, it promises to be a valuable tool to complement other generative AI applications. Will this be a new era of photo editing? Will it cause an increase in Fake News? Or will it just be an excellent ally for designers and photographers?

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