The Path From Online Dating to Real Life Meeting

The easiest path from online dating to a real life meeting is as follows:

  1. Find an interesting person and meet online.
  2. Discuss a time and place to meet in person.
  3. Start dating in real life.

Of course, in reality everything usually turns out to be much more complicated. And from the moment of first acquaintance to a real meeting, weeks, months and sometimes even years can pass.

The Path From Online Dating to Real Life Meeting
The Path From Online Dating to Real Life Meeting

We decided to take a deeper look at how users go from online dating to offline dating in order to understand how promising online dating can be. And now we’re ready to share the results with you.

Current internet dating statistics

If you thought that online dating isn’t a very popular phenomenon, we’d like to convince you otherwise. The latest statistics are very revealing. Here are just a few of them:

  1. 40% of Americans use online dating services.
  2. The gender ratio of users of such services is 52.4% men and 47.6% women.
  3. About 20% of all romantic relationships nowadays begin with online dating.
  4. Almost 10% of marriages are a result of dating sites and apps.

Unfortunately, in the current realities of pandemic and quarantine, the movement of communication from online to offline has become slower. Many people fear for their health and try to reduce the number of contacts with strangers and unfamiliar people.

Plus it’s now much more difficult to travel between countries, so if you made friends with someone from overseas, it will be difficult to meet.

On the other hand, positive aspects can be found in this situation. For example, you have more time to get to know the other person, understand whether they are right for you, and generally evaluate them objectively. There are now even detailed statistics about what actions users perform before the first offline date:

  • Viewing the person’s pages on social networks — 44%.
  • Searching by name on the Internet — 40%.
  • Attempting to find a phone number on the Internet — 23%.
  • Photo search on Google — 13%.
  • Wanting to check a person’s background — 9%.

In general, the urge to get to know a date better before a real meeting is quite normal, and even commendable. After all, this is the only way you can objectively evaluate a person and avoid disappointment or misunderstanding in the future.

Joint activities as a way to get to know someone

The best way to get to know each other better is to communicate. The only question is what this communication will look like. Texting becomes boring very quickly and takes too much time.

Using video communication, the situation is noticeably better, but also not ideal. Many users are trying to find other ways to enjoy time together.

In 2020, a small study was conducted among Internet users from the United States and the United Kingdom on how they prefer to meet and spend their leisure time online. Here are the most popular answers:

  1. Dating in online games. Now games are not just entertainment, but also social platforms where you can find new friends, chat on many topics and find like-minded people. The number of couples who met within games is growing rapidly.
  2. Simultaneous movie watching. There are many online services that allow users to watch the same movies simultaneously while communicating via text or voice chat. This is a fun way to spend time together. The main requirement is stable access to the Internet for both users.
  3. Participation in online speed-dating. These are essentially the same speed-dates as in real life, only on the web. The simplest example: you have a minute to communicate with someone, after which you’ll be switched to the next person. But if both you and the other person are satisfied with the experience, you can continue chatting without time limits.

The only disadvantage of this approach is that it is time consuming. Not everyone wants to master a new online game just to get to know other players.

Or spend at least an hour and a half watching a movie with a stranger. But for those who especially value their time, there is an excellent solution!

The Path From Online Dating to Real Life Meeting
The Path From Online Dating to Real Life Meeting

Video chat with strangers: free communication without restrictions

When the first ever online video chat, Omegle, appeared, it was a real breakthrough. And in 2020, due to the pandemic, the site only consolidated its status as a super-popular site.

Recently on TikTok, videos from Omegle have been collecting millions of views, and popular bloggers are increasingly creating this sort of content.

Over the past couple of years, active growth has also been shown by Omegle alternatives, which are often more convenient and functional:

  1. Simple chat with strangers with gender and geographic filters: OmeTV.
  2. Video chat with themed chat rooms and a decent gender filter: Chatrandom.
  3. Online video chat with language and gender filters: Chathub.
  4. Chat with karma rating and good messenger: Emeraldсhat.
  5. Omegle alternative with perfect gender filter and verified accounts:

Although these alternatives to Omegle can’t yet boast the same great popularity as the original chat roulette, they offer more interesting and useful functions. This means that the chances of a successful meeting are much higher here.

Online video chat lets you make friends faster

You can move communication offline from almost any online platform. The main thing is to find a way to get to know the other person better before you do – study their interests and understand if your relationship really has a chance.

We can already see that the number of couples and families who met on the Internet is growing from year to year. This tendency will only increase even when the pandemic fades away (if that happens at all).

So we recommend that you do not postpone online dating for later, as this is your fastest and most efficient way to find your perfect match. And don’t limit yourself to just one site.

Use dating sites and applications, online video chats, social networks, instant messengers and more. More tools mean more chances of success. Good luck!

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