Top 3 Things to Do as A Teenager

Teenage years are a time to start experiencing what the world really has to offer. It is the time when young people first dip their toes into the world of adulting while still under the safety net of their parents and family.

This means they can happily play video games and goof off all day without having to worry about if they are going to have enough money to eat dinner that day. It probably also means that they are going to spend their time and money on things they probably shouldn’t.

Top 3 Things to Do as A Teenager
Top 3 Things to Do as A Teenager

Top 3 Things to Do as A Teenager

Whether it be illicit substances behind their parents’ back or not waiting til their 18th birthday to grab theirIntertops Red Casino bonus codes, teenagers love to act like they have infinite cash and spend their money on random junk they probably don’t need.

This isn’t always a problem. Teenagers are young and it’s okay for them to be able to enjoy the freedom of their youth without having to worry about the challenges of adulthood. However, there are some things I think teenagers should keep in mind in order to better prepare themselves for the times to come.

Be Smart With Money

Money is the bane of human existence in some people’s eyes. In others, it’s simply a tool for society just like any other. No matter how you look at it though, having money is literally a necessity in modern society.

So, it is important for teenagers to remember that while they are going through these years of their life. Most teenagers do not have what is called overhead. This means all the things you have to spend money on to survive such as bills, taxes, groceries, etc.

Overhead for a business is also anything else that is required to run that business such as paying employees and buying supplies for the business. Now, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say most teenagers don’t actually run a business.

They probably aren’t paying any taxes and almost certainly don’t have to pay bills. Well, that depends on what ages we are talking about, but for the average teenager aged 18 and below, they live under their parents’ household.

This means they have nothing taking money away from them except themselves. So, it is a perfect time to start saving all the money you can. If you work a part-time job, then save as much of that money that you can for later use.

If you go out to buy things, think about if you really need the item you are buying. Is there a cheaper alternative that would be just as good? It is important not to spend lots of money on things that don’t need to be expensive. The money you save the better.

You may not realize the importance of this now, but when you come out of high school to go to college, or wherever you want to go in life, you are going to be much happier to have a nice chunk of cash saved up than some expensive designer shoes or whatever else you want to spend your money on.


Volunteering is a great way to earn some life experience and help people while doing it. Specifically volunteering as a teenager is a great time due to the amount of time you will probably have after school since you don’t have a job.

Besides, you could also pursue achc52015 onlineif you’re seeking a career in community service volunteering. Volunteer programs contribute to the development of communities and increase the economic benefits of preventing crime, violence, and other social malpractices.

Or, if you have a part-time job etc… then you could volunteer here and there on weekends or holidays. I’m not saying you should fill up all your free time and never do anything fun, but volunteering is a worthwhile thing to do while you are young.

There are many forms of volunteering that will be harder for you to do as you get older. For instance, if you want to do something that is physically demanding, then being younger will be a huge boon.

For example, if you volunteer with an organization that packs food for poor people, then being younger will mean it is less likely you will injure yourself while carrying heavy boxes around and loading them onto pallets.

But, as I mentioned in the beginning, the biggest reason to volunteer as a teen is to get life experience. You can learn many valuable lessons and ideas just through the act of helping other people.

For instance, if you volunteer with an organization that helps poor people, it can help teach you to be thankful for what you have. The fact that you have food in your belly and a roof over your head isn’t guaranteed for everyone.

Or it can teach you how to be more social if you are forced to interact with people. This can be a great way to help you come out of your comfort zone and learn to be comfortable around people you don’t know.

Not to mentionvolunteeringis just simply a kindness! You are bringing some sort of good into the world. You are helping other people, and for all you know, something you do could make or break someone’s day. The acts of kindness and charity we do can mean the world to people.

Enjoy Life While You Can

I know many teenagers can become overwhelmed with all the new responsibilities that are placed upon them. Everyone who is an adult was once a teenager. It is an awkward transitionary period and it can be very stressful.

However, I think it is important for teenagers to try and take a deep breath and slow things down. Realize that school isn’t the most important thing in life, and there is more to life than Ms. So-and-So’s essay that’s due next week.

Stress and anxiety are rampant among teens, and the education system is mostly to blame. But there are things teens can do to try and help themselves as well.

First of all, spend time with friends, and try to make new friends! You are going to become much busier once you graduate and it is a good idea to try and enjoy the time with the people you are friends with now while you can.

Another thing is to just enjoy the fact that you are alive! Take a walk, or ride your bike! Do the things you like to do and enjoy yourself! As I keep repeating, freedom is so very sweet!

One last thing to keep in mind is to keep yourself safe. Don’t do things now that you are going to regret later in your life. Stay away from drugs and alcohol and people who try and get you to do drugs and alcohol.

It may seem like a great time now, but you are going to regret it later in life. Too many people suffer from drug abuse and alcoholism, and it can start right here, right now. It’s not worth it for the temporary euphoria. You are just stealing that happiness from your future.

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