Tips for increasing your blog’s SEO ranking

In today’s digital era, you must have heard the term SEO, right? Maybe you already understand what SEO is and maybe no one still understands.

Tips for increasing your blog's SEO ranking

Tips for increasing your blog’s SEO ranking

OK, in short SEO is Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization which is a technique used to increase the ranking of a website or blog so that it can be on the first or second page of search engine search results more often.

Whether it’s the Google search engine, Yahoo Search, Yandex, Bing etc. Digital Marketers are more focused on the Google search engine which is currently trending.

This is very vital in the current era because now almost everyone searches for all information via the Google search engine. This time I will provide tips that are easy to understand using tools or techniques without tools according to my experience in this field.

Keyword or keyword research

The most important thing to do first is when you are going to create content, whether articles, advertisements, products on websites, etc.

You have to do keyword research first, make sure the title of the content contains a main keyword, for example “Computer Service in Semarang”, make the title a benchmark for your main keyword.

  • Use the Keyword Planner tool in Google Ads or you can search on Google for Keyword Planner tools, some are free and some are paid. The keyword planner tool functions as a searcher for relevant keywords from the main keywords that we enter and keywords with High, Medium or Low quality will be listed there. High-quality keywords are keywords that are often searched for by many people. If we use these keywords, of course our competition will be tougher because of course other websites and blogs will use these keywords.
  • Use “Related searches” on Google, when you are searching for keywords on Google you will definitely get a display of searches related to what you are looking for at the very bottom itself. You can use these related search results as additional keywords for tags or meta keywords when creating article content. I show an example of the image below

Length of the title or title of the website or article

Every website must have a title or web title, as well as the title of the article content on the blog or the title or name of the product on the e-commerce website. So, the ideal title length or number of characters according to SEOquake is a minimum of 10 to 70 characters, including spaces, my friend.

To count how many characters you have, you can use the wordcounter tool, guys, you can just search on Google, the tool is free, or you can use MS Word.

Meta Description Character Length

Every time you create article content on a blog, there must be a Meta Description depending on what CMS your blog or website uses.

In Joomla, Opencart there is a Meta Description. So, the ideal length of the Meta Description according to SEOquake is 160 to 300 characters, guys, don’t let it be less than 160 characters or don’t let it be more than 300 characters so that it’s optimal.

Use ALT Text on Images

Make use of ALT Text or Alternate Text on images, this is very good so that the image content is included in the Google Images search page or image search. Alt Text is the keyword used in the image.

How to enter it is by adjusting the keywords such as the content title in all lower case letters as in the image below. Not all CMSs such as Joomla, WordPress, etc. have an option to enter alternate text.

If there is no such option, you can change the title of the image file in the folder using the keywords you choose before uploading it to your blog.

Optimize the Website or Blog

For other steps, you can optimize your website or blog, which must already be installed;

  • Robot.txt
  • XML Sitemap / Sitemap
  • Specific Language / Language Settings according to the language you want
  • Google Analytic
  • Favicon

There are still a lot of rules or rules that must be applied so that your website’s SEO can be optimal, but if I explained them all in this article, it would certainly be very long. Maybe on another occasion, I will write tips in the next article. Hopefully, this article is useful, guys.

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