Here are Tips for Trailer Hire

We’ve been hiring refrigerated trailers for our clients for several years and we have had hassle-free hires and occasional issues. Since these occasional problems are likely to reoccur, I have made a list of the most common problems with fridge trailer hire.

Here are Tips for Trailer Hire
Here are Tips for Trailer Hire

Here are Tips for Trailer Hire

1. Keep the Trailer Level

Keeping the freezer or chiller trailer level can prevent occasional problems. When the refrigeration unit is in defrost, the melt water from the coil cannot run down the defrost drain that takes water to the outside of the trailer.

The water usually stays in the trailer and when the unit restarts, the water will freeze and after some time, a large block of ice will be formed.

This ice build-up will prevent the unit from working efficiently and can damage the fans and coil. Another potential problem if the trailer is not level is that the doors will not open and close properly.

2. Park the Trailer Close To the Power Supply

The refrigeration units used on our trailers sometimes draw about 13A to ensure that the cooling capacity of the refrigeration unit is enough for the trailer.

If the unit is far from the power supply, the voltage will drop because of the length of the cable and this can make the refrigeration unit trip out particularly if the unit is working hard as it does during hot days.

The trailers come with a 12m lead, however, when a client rents for a short period of time using a 16A supply we will use 2x 12m leads but it is recommended that the unit is within 12m of the power supply.

3. Always Shut the Doors

Even though keeping the doors shut may seem like an obvious thing, you will be amazed by the number of people who contact us to tell us the unit is not holding temperature.

When we go to the site, we find that the client has not shut the door as it makes it easier to get in and out of the trailer.

If the doors are not shut, the trailer will not hold the desired temperature. Besides, it can make the unit ice up and this can damage the machinery. As such, it is good to always shut the doors to ensure the fridge works efficiently.

4. Avoid Adjusting the Controller Unless You Know How To Adjust It Properly

When you want to change the set temperature of the refrigeration unit, you may likely access the operating parameters in the controller menu by accident. If you change these parameters, the unit will perform inefficiently and can get damaged. Our units have different types of controllers which operate differently.

You should check with the delivery driver that the unit is set to the required temperature. If you want to change the temperature after hiring a refrigerated trailer, ask the delivery driver to show you how to do this properly.

Doing so will help you avoid issues that may damage the refrigeration unit as you will know how to change the temperature.

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