Some Important Tips On How To Use Netflix

I think we can all agree that Netflix is ​​very good, especially when the weekend arrives, and the rain is at the rendezvous. And, the streaming giant claims something for everyone, big and small.

Some Important Tips On How To Use Netflix
Some Important Tips On How To Use Netflix

Some Important Tips On How To Use Netflix

However, there are some inconveniences that can ruin your experience. Fortunately, there are some easy solutions to avoid the traps of the platform.

For all those who want to enjoy a Netflix weekend, just follow the following small recommendations.

Delete current movies and TV shows

We have all been in this case. You have clicked on one of the titles recommended by Netflix or tried to look at something that a friend has suggested, only you are bored to death. While there are simply not enough hours in the day to sift through all that is great on Netflix, why would you want to waste your time with a turnip?

It is then that you decide to abandon the series or the film before the end. Unfortunately, if you give up before the end credits, Netflix will assume you want to finish it.

This means that the title you dropped will remain in your “Resume with profile …” list, constantly reminding you to finish it. Fortunately, there is a way to remove partially viewed titles from your profile .

When you sign in to your Netlifx account, you’ll see a list of all the movies and TV shows you’ve watched, starting with the most recent ones.

Find the title you want to delete and simply click on the “X” next to it. For TV shows, click on the “X” will only delete this episode. However, Netflix will give you the option to delete the entire series.

How to get better suggestions on netflix

Netflix has a fairly sophisticated way of following what you are watching. Behind the scenes, Netflix’s advanced algorithms analyze what you’re watching and provide you with personalized recommendations. That being said, it’s not always perfect.

Sometimes your list of recommended content is littered with things you’ve already seen. Other times, you find it cluttered with titles that do not interest you. Of course, you can continue to watch and hope that Netflix will finally realize that you are not interested in old episodes.

However, there is a better way to make sure that Netflix recommends the titles you really want to watch, noting everything you watch. If you have not evaluated things, do not worry. Fortunately, users can evaluate the titles they have viewed by connecting to the Netflix webpage.

While Netflix relies on other metrics to manage its recommendations, user assessments play a very important role. By evaluating the titles, users can determine the titles recommended by the streaming giant.

Take a new start

We all know that Netflix keeps a close eye on what you are watching. They use this information for two purposes. First, data collected on viewing habits helps them manage content. Second, Netflix uses the history of each account to provide personalized suggestions.

It’s great, in theory. As mentioned above, Netlflix’s recommendations can help users discover movies and TV shows they may never have heard of.

However, if your account is shared by multiple users with diverse tastes, whether because you have given your password to friends or you have never bothered to create accounts for the family, these suggestions will be ubiquitous.

What can you do if Netflix’s suggestions do not reflect your media consumption habits and your account is a jumble of conflicting genres? Fortunately, there is a way to make a fresh start. All you have to do is delete your existing profile and create a new one.

To do this, simply point your browser to the Netflix account management page and select the profile you want to delete. Be aware that deleting a profile also means that the list, ratings, and activity of that profile will also be lost forever . If it suits you, continue and press the Delete button.

How to share a title

Netflix tells users which movies and which TV shows are popular among other users. But that’s about all. In addition to telling users which titles are popular, integrating a social component into the streaming service has not been very effective.

Although Netflix’s recommendation algorithm is extremely accurate, the best content for you is sometimes recommended by word of mouth. Fortunately, you can share your recommendations with your friends in many ways .

First, if you are using the Netflix app, go to a movie or TV show that you like. In the upper right corner of the screen, you should see the sharing icon. By tapping the sharing icon, a menu appears with all the relevant platforms on which you can share the title.

Reduce mobile data consumption

With mobile apps and ever-faster connection speeds, you can use Netflix anytime, anywhere. There is only one small problem: video streaming can require a lot of data. It is estimated that approximately 1 GB of data is consumed by Netflix every hour.

However, if you like to watch Netflix in high definition, it’s 3 GB per hour! This means that if you use a slanted connection, you run the risk of getting to the ceiling quickly. And what to say if you go to an area where connectivity is uneven.

Fortunately, you can manually adjust the amount of data absorbed by Netflix to ensure you never exceed your data plan or buffer. Launch the Netflix app on your mobile device and access the menu. Tap “App Settings” and select “Cellular Data Usage“.

You will be able to select the default video quality when watching Netflix from your mobile data connection.

Decreasing quality will reduce data consumption . You may not be able to see some microscopic details, but you can at least watch without interruption and without worrying about how much data you have left.

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