Tips to Become a Better Manager

As a manager, your role is rarely a walk in the park. During the start of your career, chances are you were only responsible for your work alone, but as a manager, it’s your role to lead, motivate and inspire your team to achieve the goals set by the organization.

Tips to Become a Better Manager
Tips to Become a Better Manager

Tips to Become a Better Manager

Unfortunately, not everyone in a team is easy to work with, but you still need to be a good manager. That said, here are some tips you can apply to your responsibilities.

(i) Maintain Good Communication

Every employee in your project should be kept in the loop regarding any goals, new developments, deadlines, etc. Use to manage projects and work schedules effectively.

So, ensure that you maintain good communication by informing them about the ongoings within the company. Also, it is important to encourage feedback and that the team members feel comfortable enough to approach you with any issues or queries they may want to address. As a manager, making yourself accessible and approachable to the employees is vital.

(ii) Acknowledge Good Work

The last thing you want in a workplace, especially in this day and age is to be one of those managers that only provide feedback when there’s something to criticize.

“By providing positive performance review phrases, you’ll help build confidence within staff members and encourage them to be more involved in the future.”

Acknowledge their effort and their accomplishments in addition to encouraging creativity and making sure that every team member is clear of what is expected from them.

(iii) Encourage Positive Working Relationships

In addition to acknowledging good work, it’s also advisable to know your team members individually, not just professionally, but personally as well.

When you make the effort to know more about your team members and what they’re interested in, you will be in a position to create better working relationships.

(iv) Be Decisive

As a leader, you need to assert authority and make solid decisions, no matter how hard or challenging. In a leadership role, there’s no room for flakiness or sloppiness. You need to stick to your guns and do what you feel is best for the company.

(v) Be Real

Nobody is perfect and your team knows that. So, if you feel you need a helping hand, do not be afraid to do so. The same goes for making mistakes.

The moment you show your human side and allow the employees to know you better, they will become more relaxed and comfortable to approach you.

(vi) Set a Good Example

Your team will be looking up to you for inspiration and guidance. As such, it is imperative that you set a good example in order to get their respect.

If you expect your staff to behave professionally and commit to their duties, ensure you do so yourself. Play your part and continue to develop your career while at it.

(vii) Manage Conflict

No workplace is perfect and conflicts will always arise. The last thing you want to do is turn a blind eye when a conflict between team members comes up.

Doing such will not only affect the work atmosphere, but it can also affect communication and productivity between the employees. So, when an issue comes up, ensure you address it before it escalates.

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