7 Tips & Tricks to Make Yourself a SoundCloud Master

Since its inception in 2007, SoundCloud has grown from a simple streaming player to a platform that specialises in podcasting, music/artist discovery and anything that’s even remotely related to audio.

7 Tips & Tricks to Make Yourself a SoundCloud Master
7 Tips & Tricks to Make Yourself a SoundCloud Master

7 Tips & Tricks to Make Yourself a SoundCloud Master

It doesn’t matter if you’re a listener who wants to discover, create and listen to new music or a creator in the making who wants to increase engagement on SoundCloud without using his/her hard earned cash to buy SoundCloud followers then this is the best place to start with.

If you’re new to SoundCloud here are some tips and tricks that will help you get started on one of the best music listening and sharing platforms on the planet.

Start stations

Unlike other big names, SoundCloud lets you discover new music from artists that are less familiar to the general public. To do that all you need is to follow the following steps:

  • Click/Tap on the three dot overflow menu next to the SoundCloud track.
  • Now choose the station option from the menu to start a stream of related music.

The station option takes the original track as the starting point and streams tracks that are similar to the original one.

If you sign up for SoundCloud Go, you will get access to over 135 million tracks available on the platform and create a stream of endless music.You can even buy Spotify streams for your songs and get best growth.

Set up your podcasting empire

When it comes to creating podcasters, SoundCloud has one of the best policies that help newbie podcasters set up their own podcasting empire.

You can either get the free plan that offers three hours of uploaded audio a month and some basic stats that help you analyze how many people are interested in your content. If you want more out of your SoundCloud account then opt for a premium plan.

With a premium plan, you get unlimited uploads, better stats report and the ability to turn comments on/off. So if you are an aspiring podcaster then SoundCloud is the best place to start your journey.

Find new music using SoundCloud tags and suggested tracks

SoundCloud is all about discovering new artists and music. You can do so by making use of SoundCloud tags and suggested tracks.

When someone uploads their music, they have the option to add tags to make their music easily discoverable. You can find the tags associated with a particular track by going through its description.

For suggested tracks, head over to the Discover section of the Home tab and start exploring music specially curated for you by SoundCloud’s machine learning algorithm. Your suggested tracks will change every time you hear different tracks to best suit your taste.

Repost and embed your favourite tracks

Even if you’re a rookie creator, don’t make the mistake of not reposting and embedding SoundCloud tracks on the web to help promote your own content or an artist that you want to support.

Reposting on SoundCloud works the same as retweets do on Twitter and is a great way to get more involved without much effort.

Reposting requires the listener to have a SoundCloud account while that’s not a requirement when it comes to listening to embedded music. To embed your music you will need its HTML code and you can easily get it by following the steps given below:

  • Click on the share button present right below the track.
  • Now click on Embed to get the HTML code for the song.

You will have the option to choose from two different layouts as well as one specially optimized for WordPress.

Listen to music even without the internet

SoundCloud makes all your favourite tracks available offline to make sure you can enjoy them on trips with little to no internet connectivity. All you need to do is subscribe to SoundCloud Go.

Apart from unlimited free offline playing, SoundCloud Go also gives you free access to all the 135 million songs available on the platform making SoundCloud a perfect travel companion for all your trips and tours.

Make use of SoundCloud player browser extensions

If you want to enhance your listening experience and get the most out of SoundCloud then the best way to do so is by making use of the endless browser extensions.

The best one is a SoundCloud Player extension for chrome that lets you put all your favourite music and playlists inside a pop-up window instead of a separate tab. But that’s not all it also lets you control your music track as well as volume ensuring you have a flawless listening experience.

Promote your SoundCloud brand

If you are a music artist in the making or one who is looking to promote his brand then SoundCloud is the perfect place for you. SoundCloud provides you with plenty of ways to help you build an audience and become a famous artist in no time.

Complete your bio and add links to your website, tracks and social media platforms to bring more traffic and squeeze into other user’s suggested tracks quickly and easily.

Last but not least, be active and interact with your audience as much as possible to create a positive vibe for yourself as well as your brand.

These seven trips and tricks mentioned above will help you master SoundCloud not only as a creator but also as a listener.

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