TNTRip + Alternative | The Best Site To Download Torrent

TNTRip + alternative: TNTRip is the best site to download torrent files, completely Italian and without ads! TNTRip is a site completely in Italian from which it is possible to download files using the .torrent mechanism, the site is easily accessible even from a smartphone and above all presents an inline bot for Telegram that facilitates the search and use of .torrent files,let’s see in detail how to use.

TNTRip + alternative | The best site to download Torrent
TNTRip + alternative | The best site to download Torrent

TNTRip+ Alternatives

IMPORTANT:The .torrent files allow you to download anything, you just need to have the idea of ​​what you want and write it, in most cases it will be present! But beware of possible viruses, scan the file you downloaded to check that it is “clean”.

TNTRip is no longer working, here is the alternative

For some time the site has been offline, but I found this alternative site ( that uses the same sources for torrent files. I don’t know how long this alternative will remain online, if you have any news, leave a comment at the end of the article.

How to use the site

The steps to do to download and use the .torrent files are:

  1. Download a program that allows you to manage these files, for exampleUtorrentavailable on PC but also on thePlayStore
  2. After installing it, open theTNTRipsite and write your search in the appropriate box (where the 3 points are present …)
  3. After writing your search a box will appear with the results, here you will have all the data including the weight of the final file, the quality and characteristics of the file and much more. At the bottom you will have 3 icons, starting from the left we have:the magnet(click on it to start the torrent download)the heart(to save in the favorites) andthe arrow(to see the details).

Now let’s see how to exploit the bot connected to this website.

Guide to the Telegram bot

  1. After opening Telegram click onthis linkor look for TNTRipbot
  2. Start it by clicking on start or start
  3. To use it you will have to write to the bot on the keyboard the following combo:
    @tntripbot name to look for
  4. Results will appear in the column and click on your desired one
  5. The bot will reply with a message with your result
  6. Click onMagnet downloadto start the connection and then download

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