Top 5 Tips To Enjoy Best Gaming Experience On Your Android Phone

The market for mobile gaming has been growing rapidly over the past few years, and is only going to expand further in the near future. With more and more interesting titles being created for the android platform, gamers have started taking mobile gaming far more seriously than before.

5 Tips to Enjoy Best Gaming Experience on Your Android

Top 5 Tips to Enjoy Best Gaming Experience on Your Android Phone

If you’re an avid gamer, you’d do everything possible within your means to enjoy the optimum mobile gaming experience. On the other hand, even people who are fond of playing top-rated casino games on platforms such as JackpotCity online casino and others, can benefit immensely by improving their gaming experience. It is for this purpose that we have shared the top 5 tips towards this end, below.

Go with the right device

The quality of mobile gaming will depend greatly on the android device you’re using. Although it’s not necessary to go overboard and purchase a super high configuration and dedicated gaming smartphone (unless of course you have the means and inclination), you should at least look for the basic configuration as detailed below:

  • A powerful battery of minimum 4000 mAh
  • Big screen size of at least 5.7 inches
  • A good quality graphics processor
  • Fast charging tech
  • Good screen refresh rate
  • Ample storage space
  • The most recent version of Android

Here’s a look at some of the best gaming phones these days.

Keep the batteries charged

Smartphones are getting increasingly smarter, something that’s well evident in how they effectively manage their batteries and other important resources. A fully charged phone will enable you to make the most of the power needed for playing video games.

With battery level dropping, the phone will be forced to compromise on resources, in order to last longer. This in turn will lead to a below-par graphics, compromised functions, limited RAM allocation and more such changes that will impact your gameplay.

Kill the background applications

Keeping the apps running in background to the minimum can have a huge positive impact to your mobile gameplay. Even if your device is spec-ed out, these background apps will still take a chunk of available RAM on your device.

This shared space can very well be used by the game you’re playing. Killing such background applications can have a huge positive impact on the screen refresh rate, load time, lag and thus deliver improved gameplay.

Keep the DND on

It’s highly recommended to keep the phone on airplane mode and connect through Wi-Fi while you’re playing games on it. In case you don’t have Wi-Fi access, you can use the DND function which will prevent any incoming messages, notifications and calls, thereby ensuring uninterrupted gameplay.

Use external controls

External controls are peripheral devices supplied by third-party manufacturers to optimise people’s mobile gaming experience. Rather than consuming the screen real estate, in the form of on-screen controls and thumbs, you can effectively use these external controls and enjoy mobile gaming even better.

These controls are usually available as conventional gamepads, and can take the gaming experience and skills to an altogether new high.

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