Top 5 Technological Advances in Online Gaming

Over time, online gaming has continued to evolve and it’s now much more advanced compared to when it was introduced. Game producers are also in great competition with one another to build the best games. Keep reading this article, know the top 5 technological improvements in the online gaming world.

Top 5 Technological Advances in Online Gaming
Top 5 Technological Advances in Online Gaming

Top 5 Technological Advances in Online Gaming

The following are the top 5 improvements made in online gaming technology:

  • 3D Scanning, vocal and facial recognition
  • Gaming-as-a-service or on-demand gaming
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Technologies
  • Wearable and mobile gaming
  • Gaming security

1. 3D Scanning, Vocal and Facial Recognition

As a result of this type of tech, gamers can replicate an image of themselves in the gaming universe. Gamers can create Avatars in their image and include some computerized behaviors of their choice.

Aside from that, game developers create games based on the feelings of game players by scanning players’ faces using the Intel RealSense 3D camera.

Additionally, in some cases where a gamer finds a game too difficult, the gaming device would modify the settings of the game. Thus, the game will be modified to a less hard level to keep the gamer entertained. This is possible due to the advancement of online gaming.

2. Gaming-as-a-Service or on-Demand Gaming

Gamers can play games on their mobile devices and personal computers as a result of this tech. The memory space of gaming devices does not matter anymore as game developers build cloud-based games.

Therefore, gamers do not need to upgrade their device systems to install a game as they can play games online without downloading.

Additionally, as a result of this technology gamers can challenge other gamers across the globe on various levels. If you visit, you could take part in such gaming tournaments with other real players too.

Aside from that, uploading and watching game live streams is possible today due to this tech. Note that the gaming device must be internet-enabled for you to gain access to this sort of entertainment.

3. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Technologies

Gamers get the experience of real-life casinos when they use VR headsets during gaming sessions. With the use of these headsets, game players can maneuver through a simulated environment. Players get sucked into the gaming world deeper than usual when this sort of technology is being used.

Games created with Augmented Reality tech are fascinating too. This tech is responsible for the 360° view of online games on your devices. Aside from that, Augmented Reality games utilize spaces in the real world and modify the theme of the games to real-world occurrences.

4. Wearable and Mobile Gaming

Gamers can enjoy their games even without their smartphones if they have wearable gaming devices at their disposal. Examples of such wearable devices include eyeglasses and smartwatches. This sort of tech gives gamers memorable gaming experiences they can’t get enough of.

5. Gaming Security

Keeping gamers and their devices secure is more challenging than ever. However, it is very vital to online gaming bodies as they aim to maintain a positive reputation in the global market.

Since the personal information of gamers is protected, gamers across the globe feel safe playing online games. Therefore, making the gaming experience more fun.


There has been a great deal of improvement in the technologies of the online gaming world. More amazing features have been added over time to satisfy and entertain gamers worldwide. You too can join this fun, but responsibly.

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