Top Tips for Setting Up your Exhibition stand

A successful exhibition stand is one with every element aligned to a specific goal. With this in mind, you must take the time to clearly define your objectives for setting up this stand.

Tips for Setting Up your Exhibition stand
Tips for Setting Up your
Exhibition stand

Top Tips for Setting Up your Exhibition stand

Tip 1 – Define Your Objective

When everything is aligned to a single objective, you can rest assured that your message is clear and unmistakable.

Here are some examples of different objectives you might have. This can help you adjust your display for maximum efficacy.

Sales generation — are you looking to generate leads and new customer relations? Will your team be handling direct sales for products and services?

Product launch — is the purpose of your exhibition stand to announce the arrival of a new product or service? You may need an interactive area where your visitors can try samples and demonstrations on site.

Market research — are you looking to collect opinions and answers to surveys on-site? Will your visitors be walked through a set of questions or a survey? Arrange for this to be as simple and smooth as possible.

Brand awareness — is your brand looking to increase its brand recognition as they break into a new market?

Networking — Are you looking to meet new business contacts and industry professionals to provide a more favorable industry process?

Tip 2 – Focus on Your Target Audience

Once you have your objectives outlined, it will be time to consider your target audience? Who are the people that will be attending this event that you want to attract?

The exhibition should be designed and set up with these people in mind. Ask yourself why these people will be coming to the event and what you can do to make your exhibition stand out from the rest?

TIP 3 – Choose the Right Stand And Use the Available Space

The location of your stand is a very important factor when you are setting up your exhibition. It will be important to consider how much you have to work with and what you plan to do with this? Allocated space can be very restrictive, but there are many ways to make full use of every square inch provided.

There are all kinds of exhibition stands and you should choose the one that works best for your location and the designated space available. Find an experienced exhibition stand contractor, like Image Group. to find a solution that will meet your needs.

Tip 4 – Consider Placement of Your Marketing Message

Every stand at the exhibition is doing its best to be noticed among the crowd of other stands and displays. A bespoke sign is a good way to bet your exhibition is noticed above all the others.

The larger and very impressive stands are certainly good for a wide variety of events, but they are not always the best choice.

Smaller exhibitions can be just as effective if the marketing message is properly considered. The important thing is that the key message, image, or slogan is properly conveyed in your message.

Text and images should be placed so they are seen by the most people possible. They must also be clearly understood at a great distance. You may consider adding walls, or even a second story to achieve this effect.

Tip 5 – Don’t Go Overboard With Text

Don’t try to place too much text in your signage if you think it will be difficult to read at a distance. If your text is hard to read, your target audience may avoid reading it together. You need the right balance of graphics and text to make sure that your message is dealt with effectively.

Take time to consider the size, color, and visibility of your text display. Be ready to make adjustments if you notice that unforeseen environmental factors are affecting the clear visibility of your display.

Tip 6 – Keep Your Branding Consistent

The exhibition stand is a major part of your company’s branding and marketing campaign. As such, it must run consistently with all other aspects of your corporate branding.

This means that colors, shapes, forms, logos, fonts, and slogans, used in other marketing activities, flow seamlessly with the design and presentation of your exhibition stand. Customers you meet at the event will likely follow up on your business through the seamless presentation they recognize.

Tip 7 – Make Your Stand Interactive

You can make your exhibit more memorable if you make it interactive. This means supplying your visitors with something they can touch, use, and try, to get a better feel for what you are trying to sell.

When you engage your visitors with this sort of mental and physical stimuli, you give them a better reason to stick around and ask you more questions. This encourages interaction and increases your chances of success.

Tip 8 – Focus on Your Entrance

You only get one chance to make a great first impression, so pull all the stops in preparation. Innovation is key to delivering that experience and there are many ways to accomplish this.

Consider changing your entrance and including a seating room and even a coffee lounge. All these details can make a better experience for your target audience.

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