How To Top Up PB Zepetto Cash With The Latest Zepetto Vouchers

How to fill the latest Zepetto PB cash – The move of Point Blank from the publisher Garena to Zepetto has taken place since early 2019. During the initial transfer period, PB certainly created a special system called account transfer.

How to Top Up PB Zepetto Cash with the Latest Zepetto Vouchers
How to Top Up PB Zepetto Cash with the Latest Zepetto Vouchers

How to Top Up PB Zepetto Cash with the Latest Zepetto Vouchers

This account transfer aims so that your account that you have played in the previous publisher is not lost and can be used again in the new publisher.

In addition to account transfers, the transfer of the management of Point Blank will also change the system top-up or charging cash. At Gemscool you can top up using a G-Cash voucher or at Garena with its Garena Shell. So, how do I top up cash at Zepetto Point Blank? Of course you have to buy a Zepetto voucher to be able to top up cash.

At the beginning of the transfer, Zepetto vouchers were still not distributed to internet cafes or game voucher sellers. But this time many Zepetto vouchers have been circulating that you can buy at internet cafes or game voucher sellers. To top up your PB cash using a Zepetto voucher, you can follow the steps below.

How to Top Up the Latest Zepetto Blank Cash Point

  1. Enter the official site Point Blank Zepetto, make sure you are logged in to an account that has verified email. If the account has an email verified, then you will get proof of payment. After logging in, click the Top Up Center button on the right.
  2. You will enter the Top Up page, where there are many payment methods that are used to top up Zepetto PB cash. Because at this time the Zepetto voucher has been distributed and can be purchased, AyGek just select the Garena Voucher .
  3. Finished selecting, scroll down to enter the code from the Zepetto voucher that you have purchased. Before you enter the code, look at the left side with the nominal price and cash PB .
  4. Enter the voucher code that you have purchased in the column provided, then click the Continue to Payment button .
  5. Continue the payment process until PB Cash is filled in your account.

Completed, the voucher code you entered has been converted to PB Cash Zepetto in accordance with the nominal that you have purchased. You can try to log in to PB Zepetto and you can buy weapons or characters that can be purchased using PB Cash according to your needs and desires.

Little information about the price of Zepetto Cash PB , before the distribution of Zepetto vouchers, you can only charge cash using Credit and CodaPay, but at a quite expensive price. Whether there are new policies or regulations from PB Zepetto, Zepetto cash now has a price that is in balance with its previous publisher, Garena.

The final word

That’s the way to top up Zepetto PB cash with Zepetto Vouchers . The charging method can also be done with pulses such as Telkomsel pulses . Zepetto vouchers can be physical and electric, for physical you can buy directly to the internet cafe or game voucher seller and you can buy electric vouchers by visiting game voucher seller sites such as Unipin and others.

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