11 Top VueJS Developer Tools for 2022

In recent years, finding Vue.js in the top of the best frameworks has become commonplace. Infinitely progressing and convenient Vue has won the hearts of programmers and the laurels of the winner are confidently rooted on its side.

What is the secret of overwhelming popularity? What is Vue.js in general? Let’s find out!

11 Top VueJS Developer Tools for 2022
11 Top VueJS Developer Tools for 2022

11 Top VueJS Developer Tools for 2022

As you know, there is a JavaScript programming language and it has its own frameworks, that is, in simple words, some libraries that contain proven standard code. This forms the basis for creating sites and applications and “stringing” various functions onto the code.

One of the phenomenal frameworks Vue.js was created in 2013. Huge corporations are not behind its creation, as, for example, with Angular, this is the giant Google.

The author is an independent developer Evan You. It is he who is the father of a wonderful framework that feels confident in the top of the best, overtaking Angular and gaining more and more support.

Its main advantages are its small size, providing high efficiency and… speed! Easy to learn and use thanks to a simplified structure.

Also, in case of an urgent question about switching from React or Angular to Vue, this will not be a problem either. Because Vue.js can be said to be a hybrid framework.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the tools you need to get started with Vue.

This is mandatory information that everyone who is interested in Vue.js and wants to use its functionality in their business should have.

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So, back to the tools.

1. Vue CLI

Our list should start with the CLI, and this is more than logical. Without it, you can say the hands are practically tied. He is responsible for central functions. It allows you to instantly deploy templates and also, very importantly, create project structures at lightning speed.

The CLI itself is flexible because of one small and important point. If the community creates any third party plugins, Vue CLI can be easily combined with them. That is, in fact, it is compatible with them.

You can do a lot more with Vue CLI than with all frameworks combined. We’re talking about settings. Well, since we are already globally disassembling and getting to know the tool, it is worth mentioning the User Interface (UI), which makes it possible to create a lot of new things.

2. Nuxt Js

Naturally, when you take the plunge and decide to work with Vue.js, the first thing to do is avoid the possibility of writing code from scratch.

That is, the need for a good template follows from this, and just the same, NuxtJS is the master of this issue. It has a modular architecture and speeds up the development cycle by several dozen times. The presence of a modular architecture allows you to solve various tasks (for example, creating a sitemap).

3. Vue-router

This tool supports the characteristics and parameters of the router. In general, in general, the presence of routing is integral since you need to match addresses with the internal components of the application.

4. Vuex

The application needs to be kept under control since its unpredictability can compromise many aspects and project unpleasant problems. And the Veux tool gives the possibility of state management, eradicating unpredictability.

5. Mocha

Of course, you can’t do without testing. Testing is a kind of postulate in development. Everything depends on this aspect. Before an application can be put into production, it must run smoothly. This procedure must be done with Mocha.

6. Axios

Create ajax requests and also be able to manage these requests. What can be done to achieve this? The answer is simple and short, it is a third party Axios library.

7. Vuetify

The morphology of the name of this instrument is very funny and romantic. Here we have a mix of two words Vue and Beautiful. And this is no accident.

Together with this library, you can feel like a real web designer, even if you are not one. You have a unique opportunity to create beautiful and aesthetic applications.

8. Bit for Vue

Bit is a way of creating interfaces with common components that are independently created. This suggests a solution to the problem of sharing.

9. Vue Apollo

Before understanding what Apollo is, let’s get acquainted with GraphQL. This tool is multifunctional. It reveals and takes everything from the possibilities of APL. But Apollo is a helper tool that helps you use GraphQL for Vue.js itself.

10. Vue.js DevTools for browsers

Another stage of development without which you can not do. This is the stage at which errors are detected and eliminated, that is, in a word, debugging.

And this official tool is the best we can recommend.

11. Official Vue.js Guide

And the last in today’s top, but not the last in importance and significance, is the guide. Whether you’re new to Vue.js or you’ve been using Vue.js for a long time, the tutorial will help you learn and compare a lot of important things.

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