Top Youtube Intro Makers – Free

Intro videos play a major role in branding since it is at the beginning of a long video. It helps in quickly promoting a brand by adding a professional touch to the video when made properly.

Top Youtube Intro Makers - Free
Top Youtube Intro Makers – Free

Top Youtube Intro Makers – Free

Today, intro making is quite easy because of the availability of various YouTube intro maker tools like this one here, which are easy, fast, and affordable.

They let you create broadcast-quality intros with logo animations. The wide variety of templates ease the process of creating captivating intro videos. In this article, we will focus on some of the best free tools available online.


This tool comes with various interesting features. There are over 100 video templates from which you can choose the most appropriate one to easily create an intro for your YouTube video. This is one of the affordable solutions for making YouTube intros.

The best thing about the tool is that it doesn’t mandate the user to have prior video making or editing skills, thus ensuring a stress-free process of doing the same The inbuilt templates can be used for creating videos like a pro for marketing, social media, internal communications in a firm and many more. You can easily market your brand or services by the use of animations to convey stories.

Its premium version is $19 USD per month.


Create an account with Biteable to make your professional intro videos. Just log in to Biteable to get started. You can insert logos, names, credits, and business cards to the intro. Once done, this can be previewed later.

So, irrespective of your requirement, whether it is corporate videos, YouTube videos, training, or advertising video, you can easily create it using the available intro and outro templates on the phone or desktop.

Biteable has around one million real life stock footage clips with beautiful animations with Biteable audio and a wide collection of surefire templates.

Using all these lets you create impactful videos so that you can easily promote your brand and see amazing results in no time. Even custom content can be created by mixing pictures of products and clips and adding sparkle effects to them. You own the videos you make and hence can share it or download it at any time you need.

The annual plan of the Biteable premium version costs $19/ month.


This can be used for the freely creating and downloading up to three 1080p intro videos. The videos will have a small watermark at the lower right corner for free users, which can be removed by paying $24.99 per video.

There is a wide range of templates with inbuilt images, that help you create the best intro for various purposes such as ads, slide shows, intros, and outros. The created video content can be exported and shared on social media platforms.

The standard plan of RendrFX begins from a monthly rate of $49 and its premium access is $99 monthly. Besides these plans, it also has an Enterprise plan that costs $399 per month. An unlimited video is offered in each of these plans and you get a free trial also.


This is a 3D creation tool, which is open source and available for free. It needs to be downloaded for running on the computer. Then use this for creating something from scratch or by the use of already made templates. It has a wide range of modeling tools for easily creating videos, transforming and editing them.

Blender is an amazing tracker for VFX professionals. It lets you import raw footage, track it, mask certain areas and notice the camera movement Live on your screen so that the need for switching between the screens is eliminated. The superior quality animation and ringing tools in Blender is used for producing short films, feature films, ads, and TV series.

Adobe spark:

It is available in a free version that can be used to make intro videos on mobile or desktop. You can use it easily by just dragging and dropping the clips and icons. Soundtracks or voice overs can also be added.

It has one drawback, i.e., limited features in the free version. Its Team subscriptions are available at a monthly price of $13.18, which will give you access to additional features and tech support.

Adobe Spark lets you highlight your unique point of view through the use of creativity with amazing graphics, presentations and videos. It has a wide range of free photos, icons, exclusive fonts, thousands of templates with various designs, filters, animations and GIFS for making your intro video more lively and impactful,

This website has various templates for intro creation, which can be downloaded. To this, you can add your logo and texts and customize it as per your need. First, a video background loop or motion element needs to be downloaded.

The other option is to import the third templates from the free video loops website to your video editor, such as Filmora9, which can be later customized by adding text and logo as per your need.


This is an amazing free online intro maker that lets you add customized text and images to the intro video. Ensure the high quality of your videos with this tool. It has a preview option for viewing it later.

Even though MP4 is the standard video format, other formats are also supported. The best part of Flixpress is that it can be used even by novice users who do not have prior experience in video creation and editing.

It has tools to create videos like a pro in less than 2 minutes. You can use your creativity on the existing templates to create content rich videos.

Its personal subscription plan starts from $0.83 per month to $79.99 /month for the enterprise plan.


This tool has an intuitive interface that beginners can find easy to use. There are a lot of inbuilt templates that can be tweaked using built-in assets, which include over 100k images, over 1000 graphics, and more than 1000 music clips that are commercially licensed.

So, with this full-fledged intro maker tool, it will take you no time to create the best intro for your YouTube video in an effortless manner.

Its free plan lets you create a 30-second video. Also, free users can access assets without any restrictions. The best thing about Offeo is that the videos created in the free plan are not watermarked, unlike certain other tools.

The pricing of the premium version starts at $19 per month for each user.


This is an amazing video maker tool for beginner level users. The wide range of templates lets you select the most appropriate one and edit them easily by changing the image, audio, and add extra customization.

The video layout cant is altered. The customization offered by this tool is limited because of the unavailability of an interface for editing video. So, the image, audio, and other assets can only be tweaked.

The final video that you make using this tool is of superior quality and hence, doesn’t need any help from some professional individuals to enhance it for your YouTube channel.


This is a design tool that is capable of carrying out multiple tasks such as the creation of graphics, posters, social media content, logos, animated videos, besides the YouTube intros. The interface of this tool is strong and intuitive enough for beginners to start working without the need of any assistance.

There are over 25,000 templates for the creation of intros and outros where you can add animations, alter the objects, backgrounds, and do customization as per your requirement.

A perfect video can be made with the use of over 30,000 graphics and animations with over 140 million stock images in Crello. It also lets you upload fonts, images of your own choice and personalize animations for intro videos. The paid plan for this tool is also quite economical, i.e., just $7.99 monthly for accessing all offers of Crello.

Final words:

Video intro makers like InVideo are quite essential for creating a strong impression on the audience. If the intro is captivating enough, viewers will feel motivated to watch the whole video without losing interest.

But if the intro is not influential, there is a very high probability of your video being viewed by the masses. So, it is quite important to devote your time and efforts to create the best intro for your YouTube video.

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