How to Track the Location of Kids on Android Using Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft gives high priority to family security privacy. As part, the company’s Windows operating system is loaded with many features that allow users to connect with family, friends and the workgroup. Not only in Windows, but also Microsoft has its signature on the Android platform.

Track the Location of Kids on Android Using Microsoft Launcher
Track the Location of Kids on Android Using Microsoft Launcher

Currently, the same feature for tracking a child and locating a family is available in the popular Microsoft Launcher. In this post, we’ll share how parents can track a kid ‘s location on Android using Microsoft Launcher.

The child tracking feature came on the launcher a few weeks ago, but in default mode. Here’s how you can use it effectively on your or children’s smartphones to track and find them quickly. Probably the best location tracking app right now!

How to track the location of kids on Android using Microsoft Launcher

The Microsoft account offers family groups and the “finding child” is different from the users. The same feature works in Microsoft Launcher’s ability to track children. So you need to log in to your MS account from the launcher settings to use this feature.

After all, children’s accounts need to be linked to a parent’s account or family group. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for tracking the location of Android kids using Microsoft Launcher.

Add a children’s account to your Microsoft family

  1. Log in to your Microsoft account from a web browser (
  2. Click the Family tab and scroll down
  3. You will now see family members added to your Microsoft account. Click “Add a family member” at the bottom.
  4. Select “Child” from the options window.
  5. Add the Microsoft Account email ID to the form and complete the captcha.
  6. Click Send Invitation.
  7. Open the mailbox of the added e-mail (Microsoft Outlook mail or any correspondent).
  8. Open the inbox after adding it as a family member.
  9. Click the link to confirm the invitation and follow the further procedures.

If you’ve come this far, congratulations, you’ve created a children’s account associated with your Microsoft account. So every movement of this account will be visible to you as a parent.

Setting up Microsoft Launcher

Once you’ve created a children’s Microsoft account, you need to install Microsoft Launcher on your child’s smartphone to monitor them. Here are all the steps.

  1. Download andInstall Microsoft Launcher(formerly Arrow Launcher) on your child’s smartphone from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the application.
  3. Tap “Get started.”
  4. When the application asks you to add a Microsoft account, sign in with the child account you just created.
  5. Once you have successfully signed, grant the application the necessary permissions.
  6. Also, be sure to set Microsoft Launcher as the default launcher user interface.
  7. If you already have the Microsoft Launcher setting, open the launcher settings and tap the Microsoft logo in the middle. Tap the sign in button and add an account.

Since there is no setting to turn off or off, this makes it easy to track my child’s phone without them knowing they should use this as the default starter. It may be a good idea not to share it with him unless he has grown up.

How do I track a location?

  1. Open the Microsoft account page on a computer.
  2. Log in to your parent’s account and click the Family tab
  3. Now click on the child’s account and then select “Find a card”.

The tracked device must have location and mobile data included to get the exact location.

Do you think this is the best way to track a phone without them knowing for free? At least it works great for kids.

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