How To Transfer Files Over The Network With Dukto

It often happens to us laser sleight of hand USB sticks from one machine to another for exchanging files (text, image, music, video) or even an entire directory for various purposes.

How to transfer files over the network with Dukto
How to transfer files over the network with Dukto

This article presents Dukto , simplicity in its most noble form and saves you from these vicious round trips and requires no effort to configure networked computers to perform this transfer.

What is Dukto?

Dukto  is a free software, easy to use, allowing the transfer files over network a priori from one PC to another. It is cross-platform, that is to say it can run Windows, Linux, Mac OS as well.

How to transfer files over the network with Dukto

The following lines present the different stages of using Dukto from installation to a practical case of using the latter under Windows 10, worthy of a tutorial.

  1. Download Dukto.
  2. Install   Dukto by following the different Installation steps. 
  3. Open the installation folder of Dukto , generally in C: \ Program Files \ Dukto , if you have a 32-bit version otherwise in C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Dukto in the case of a 64-bit Windows then  Right click on Dukto and select ”  Create a shortcut ” then click ”  Yes  ” in the dialog box that appears.
  4. Check if your two machines are connected to your local network, otherwise connect them to a network or create one. There are different approaches to create a local network, from Ethernet to Wifi via the Mobile Access Point.
  5. Launch Dukto in both machines, after a moment the computers connected to your network appear.
  6. Select the destination machine, for our case, SmachPC , a new window appears.
  7. This presents the different features of Dukto grouped in the following menus:
    • ”  Send some text ” allows you to send text entered by the user;
    • “  Send text from clipboard ” allows you to transfer the text copied to the clipboard;
    • ”  Send some files ” allows the sending of one or more files;
    • ”  Send a folder ” makes it possible to send a folder.
  8. We saw fit to illustrate the last case, that of the transfer of a file. So click on “  Send a folder  ” then choose the folder to transfer and Select a folder to validate the operation.


This article briefly presented Dukto , a simple tool for transferring data between computers on the same local network. A practical case of transfer of a file has been illustrated to complete the said article.


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