Travelling Tips To Use To Navigate During The Pandemic

The pandemic is wreaking havoc on the world. People become victims of mobs due to the lack of necessities like food and medicine as it unfolds. This causes many people to panic.

Travelling Tips To Use To Navigate During The Pandemic

Traveling during the pandemic may be dangerous, but there are ways travelers, like Cedric Okiorina, are navigating through crowded airports or busy bus stations without contracting the virus or getting into trouble with the security/local authorities.

In his blog he shared some advice that helped him survive his journey:

Travelling Tips To Use To Navigate During The Pandemic
Travelling Tips To Use To Navigate During The Pandemic

1) Do your research – One can always find an option when they look hard enough. You need to keep calm and assess all possible routes before deciding on one, particularly if there is a more suitable alternative close by

2) Familiarize yourself with the rules – Most airports these days have posters of what is legal and what is not. For instance, some allow you to carry liquids but only in small amounts

3) Listen up – One needs good listening skills, especially announcements on delays or cancellations. It helps travelers adjust to changes that may impact their journey

4) Keep your luggage light – The likelihood of having your luggage checked at crowded terminals is high. This will slow down one’s progress through security

5) Remain calm- Once you’re done clearing all the stages of security, you still need to make it through customs and immigration checks which can be long due to more people traveling for safety reasons. Consequently, keeping calm makes the process faster

6) Bring entertainment – Those traveling by bus or train need to ensure they’ve chosen a convenient time to travel. Have an entertainment system like music, games on your mobile phone; reading material, or even books that can help pass the time

7) Keep receipts – On occasions when one has no internet access, it helps if you have all your documents in hand for reference

8) Protect yourself against pickpockets- There is an increase in theft cases due to panic and the feeling of vulnerability. The best way to protect yourself is to carry very little cash with you

9) Carry medication – If someone in your traveling party needs medication like insulin, make sure you carry enough with you

10) Invest in travel insurance- This will help one get medical assistance during emergencies. It’s also advisable to get one that covers luggage loss, damage, and theft

11) Pack lighter- Pack light because it could be difficult for you to carry extra baggage if the flight gets extended due to more passengers arriving late or flights being delayed.

Travelling Tips To Use To Navigate During The Pandemic
Travelling Tips To Use To Navigate During The Pandemic

12) Leave your itinerary with a trusted person just in case- This will help the relatives/friends of someone on tour know where they are.

13) Always ask for directions when lost – do not rely entirely on GPS or mobile mapping apps; you might come across individuals who are not aware of the pandemic and lie about certain facts just so they could benefit out of it, such as giving you a sick, sick map, which might end up backfiring on you.

The world can be a scary place during a pandemic, but there are ways people, like Cedric Okiorina, stay safe when traveling during an outbreak. With proper research and planning before departure, a traveler will find themselves enjoying their journey rather than panicking.

Cedric Okiorina suggests being aware of your surroundings no matter where you are and always carry cash at all times so that you will not be caught off-guard by an emergency.

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