How to Type Documents in Word Using Voice

Type Documents in Word Using Voice: Typing activities in Microsoft Word are of course very common in today’s digital era. Typing is usually done to make assignments, theses, letters, important notes, and others.

All of these activities are related to documents typed in Word using a Computer / Laptop Keyboard. In fact, there is a more practical way, namely typing in Word using voice.

How to Type Documents in Word Using Voice
How to Type Documents in Word Using Voice

Generally, computer users type on the keyboard using their fingers. The typing speed of a person can be measured based on proficiency in typing, or typing ten fingers.

If you are not too good at typing using the keyboard, then the typing process will be slow. Another factor that affects typing speed is if you are tired and your fingers feel cramped.

Typing using your fingers also carries a huge risk of typos. This means that you have to check and reread all the words and sentences that have been typed. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss a more efficient way to type documents in Word, namely by using voice.

So, you no longer need to type word for word on a computer keyboard, but simply say every word you want to write in the Word document.

How to Type Documents in Word Using Voice

Typing documents in Word using your voice is a way that has many advantages over using your fingers. For example, in terms of speed, typing using voice can be faster than typing ten fingers. So, it’s perfect for you if you can’t type with all fingers yet but want to type fast.

Another advantage of typing using voice is that there are no typing errors or typos. This is because every word spoken by you is converted into the text, so there will be no errors such as letters or reverse words. If, for example, a voice-to-text conversion error occurs, then you can immediately read it right away and make corrections.

Not only that, if you type using your voice and not with your fingers, then of course your fingers will not be cramped. You won’t get tired quickly and stay focused on typing all the documents.

How to Type Documents in Word Using Voice
How to Type Documents in Word Using Voice

To type a Word document using your voice, you can do this by using one of Google’s products, namely Google Docs. Google Docs itself has many cool features, for example, you can translate Word documents.

Another cool feature, as discussed in this article, is that you can type with voice commands. In order to use Google Docs, the Laptop or Desktop PC used must be connected to the internet.

So, if you want to use this method, then the laptop or desktop PC used must be connected to the internet. If you are connected to the internet, then please follow the steps below.

  • Please open a browser on your laptop or desktop PC, it is recommended to use the Google Chrome browser. Then, on the main Google Chrome page, please open theGoogle Docs site.
  • Furthermore, if you are not logged in, then please log in first using the Google account that you have. After that, on theGoogle Docspage that is already open, please create a new document by clickingBlank.
  • You can also upload an existing Word file to continue typing it inGoogle Docs. The trick is, please clickthe Folder icon, then in the window that appears click theUpload tab, then clickSelect a file from your deviceand simply add the Word file you want to edit.
  • If the Word document that you want to edit is already open on theGoogle Docspage , then please clickTools, then clickVoice typing. This step is done to activate the voice typing tool which is a built-in feature of Google Docs. Or, you can also use the keyboard shortcut by pressing theCtrl + Shift + S key combination .
  • After theVoice typingtool is active, a microphone icon will appear on the left of the document window. Before using it, you must first change the language of the document you want to type.

If you want to type a document in Indonesian, then please change it to Indonesian. The trick is to please click the language button above the microphone icon. After that, please find and select Indonesian or whatever language you want to type in.

After you change the language, please click on the document area where you will continue typing, then click the microphone icon to start typing the Word document using voice.

If theUse your microphone pop-up appears, then please clickAllow to allow Google Chrome to use and receive sound from the Laptop microphone.

If the microphone icon is red, then you can start typing by voice. Every word you say and get received by the microphone will be typed on the document page.

Make sure you pronounce every word clearly so you don’t get typos. You can also pronounce punctuation marks such as commas, periods, and so on. Meanwhile, commands such as enter, headings, etc. must be done manually using a keyboard or mouse / touchpad.

If you are finished and want to stop typing using your voice, then please click the red microphone icon again. After that, every word you say will no longer be typed into the document.

To save all the typing in a Microsoft Word document, you cancopyall the contents of the document into Microsoft Word. Or, you can also download the document file in Microsoft Word format.

If you want to download the document file in Microsoft Word format, then please clickFile, then point the cursor toDownload, then clickMicrosoft Word (.docx). After that, the document file that you have typed using your voice will be downloaded in Microsoft Word format.

Please open the Word document if you want to make minor changes. If the document cannot be edited, then please clickEnable Editing.


That’s an easy way to type documents in Microsoft Word using your voice, namely with Google Docs. By using this method, you can type very fast and also have minimal typing errors.

In addition, your fingers will not feel cramped, so you can type a lot of documents. So, if you are working on a thesis, paper, or other scientific work that requires a lot of typing, then please use this method.

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