How to Type the Euro Symbol on the Keyboard?

On a keyboard designed in the UK, it is not possible to write the euro symbol; since its design does not have the ability to place the euro symbol on the computer; even if it’s a little hard to believe.

However, there is the possibility of placing this symbol, so all is not lost. Therefore, we will show you how totype theeurosymbolon the keyboard.

How to Type the Euro Symbol on the Keyboard?
How to Type the Euro Symbol on the Keyboard?

Now, certainly the keyboard has many possibilities to write various signs (dollar, percentage, asterisk, among others); However, you cannot write the euro, which is why we will tell you what you need to do to achieve it.

How to Type the Euro Symbol on the Keyboard?

The most common form used to write the Euro symbol is pressing a combination of the following keys: ALTGr + E.

Of course, the euro symbol could be in the letter E. However, this doesn’t happen very often; then, go to the option mentioned above.

Also, you can type the key combinationALTGr + 5.This is because in some keyboards it is the viable option. When writing in Word, you can write in the menu:Insert / Symbol / €. So you can write the symbol in this program.

Another of the alternatives that we offer you in this post is to press the combination of the following keys:CTRL + ALT + E.

The next available option at hand to write the euro symbol is to write the following combination:ALT + 0128.

Another alternative is to write thisCTRL + ALT + 5 command.

The keyboard and its functions

When we talk about computer keyboards, we are talking about an accessory or component; which is pretty much the first thing we touch on the computer. The keyboard acts like amachinetowrite. Most importantly, it is the control port of the computer.

Through its keys, we can control and enter the operating system of our computer. It becomes our entrance into the CPU. In fact, the keyboard is also an output so thatif we can’t use the mouse, we can use the keyboard perfectly.

Shortcuts you can do with the keyboard

With F1 AL F12 functions, you have keyboard shortcuts; however, these keys are few and far between, asmost do not know their functions. For example, the F1 key serves as anaidin an open program.

The F2 key is used to change the name of a folder. The F3 opens the menu from where we are. With the F4 key we canclose the pagewe are on.

Must be used in conjunction with the ALT key. You can also use F5 to refresh the screen when we are on the web.

Another example is with the F12 key, whichworks to open a document on the webin HTML format. If you are in Excel, it is intended to direct us to “save as”.

Other functions that keyboards have are those of the beginning (which takes you to the beginning of the sentence you are typing) or, to the end of the sentence;allow you to delete(ifyou givethe spacebar a selected text, you will delete the words you typed).

If you press “Page Up” it will take you to the top of the page. If you press the “Av. Page “, you will go to the bottom of the page.

And so thereare many options available on keyboards; as well as allowing us to work faster; as we will only use the keyboard to access different functions. It remains only totry to testthe keyboard structures and work with it, like an expert.

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