How To Uninstall Chromium On Windows 10

Uninstall Chromium on Windows 10: Help I can’t get Chromium off my PC? If you have installed Chromium the browser similar to Chrome without having wanted to and for a few days you have been opening ads, pop-ups and various banners without control, perhaps your PC has been hit by some malware that includes a variant of Chromium.

How to Uninstall Chromium on Windows 10
How to Uninstall Chromium on Windows 10

How to Uninstall Chromium on Windows 10

If you have decided to uninstall the browser, but unfortunately without success, then get comfortable and let’s see together how to uninstall Chromium on Windows 10. I am sure that after reading the next few paragraphs you will find the solution to your problem.

Don’t know how to uninstall Chromium on your Windows 10 PC? Here is the complete guide

But what is Chromium ? Before starting with the actual guide and explaining how to uninstall Chromium on Windows 10 I wanted to tell you that the browser similar to Google Chrome that you accidentally installed on your PC is built on an open-source platform called Chromium.

Therefore, being a free source, many developers use it to promote software products through advertisements and pop-ups, which often become very annoying, but there are also many malicious variants of Chromium with integrated viruses and malware that are often very dangerous.

The Chromium virus is used to describe a dangerous web browser created with a Chromium source code. There is a long list of malicious web browsers among the most well known names are Chroimium browse virus, eFast browser, Olcinium Browser virus, Chedot Browser virus, BeagleBrowser virus and many others.

Remove Chromium on Windows 10

To uninstall Chromium on Windows 10 as a first step click with the right mouse button on the Start button (icon with the Windows symbol located in the taskbar at the bottom left) and from the menu that appears select the item Settings.

In the window that opens on the desktop press on App and then from the left sidebar choose the App and features option. At this point go down on the right side until you find the list of installed programs.

To proceed, locate the Chromium icon then press the Uninstall button that appears below and then Uninstall again and Yes to confirm the removal (repeat the same steps for all the other suspicious apps installed). Wait for the uninstall wizard process and you’re done.

Remove residual Chromium files

In theory you should have removed Chromium at this point, but not entirely because some configuration files and some registry keys are still present in the PC’s operating system. So let’s see how to eliminate everything.

To proceed and remove all the potentially unwanted files and viruses of the Chromium program and the registry entries associated with them, I recommend that you use some programs for cleaning your PC.

You can find a complete guide in all its details on how to clean Windows 10. Once you have followed the guide and after cleaning your PC you will notice that Chromium no longer exists and the annoying pop-ups and ads will be gone.

In conclusion

If you are reading this paragraph then it means that you have found this guide how to uninstall Chromium on Windows 10.

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