How To Fix Winload.Efi Error On Windows 10

Fix Winload.efi Error: The error code efi 0xc00000f of Windows system32 WinLoad usually occurs when users start an app after installing the latest Windows updates. Fixing the winload.efi error code requires booting from the Windows 10 installation media disc and following the steps in our guide below.

Remember, although they are scary there are no system errors that cannot be fixed.

How To Fix Winload.efi Error On Windows 10
How To Fix Winload.efi Error On Windows 10

How to fix winload.efi error on Windows 10

Update your PC

  • Insert the disk with Win 10 or the USB stick with the installation of the operating system.
  • Restart the operating system and enter the BIOS to set the disk or USB key as the primary boot method.
  • You should now have a window in front of you in which to select the correct time and keyboard type.
  • Press theNextbutton after setting the time and keyboard type.
  • You should now have theChoose an Option screen in front of you.
  • Select thetroubleshooting function.
  • From the Troubleshoot menu, click onUpdate your PC.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the system update.
  • Reboot and check if you get the winload.efi error.

Run System Restore

Note: Before trying this step, make a backup copy of your files and folders.

  • Start Windows 10 normally.
  • Click on Start and type ”control panel“.
  • In the Control Panel search box we writeRecovery.
  • We select theOpen System Restore function.
  • We follow the on-screen instructions tocomplete System Restoreand return the operating system to a point prior to when the winload.efi error message was not present.

Disable Secure Boot

If you have a computer withUEFI Bios, try to disable Secure Boot. This setting can sometimes prevent your computer from accessing the winload.efi file.

For more information on how to disable this feature, visit the motherboard manufacturer’s website. The UEFI user interface is different for every PC, so it’s difficult to make a guide that fits every motherboard.

Check the disk for errors

Disk errors and faulty files can also trigger thewinload.efi error code. The quickest and safest way to fix this is to check the disk for errors. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Start Run Command Prompt as Administrator and typechkdsk C: / f
  • We press Enter and wait for the scanning process to complete.
  • To repair physical problems, also run the/ rparameter .

Disable antivirus / firewall protection

If none of the solutions seen so far have worked, try disabling your antivirus and firewall protection to see if this workaround can solve the problem. Don’t forget to re-enable antivirus and firewall right after starting the problematic app.

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