Here Are Best Anonymous Browsers For Windows

Here are 5 lists of the best free anonymous browsers for Windows. This web browser you can use to browse the internet anonymously. Basically, this browser hides all your activities from website trackers and from anyone who tries to monitor your activities.

Here Are Best Anonymous Browsers For Windows
Here Are Best Anonymous Browsers For Windows

Most of these browsers can even hide your IP address. In addition to providing an anonymous browsing environment, this browser also blocks ads, trackers, scripts, etc., which can collect your data or can reveal your identity.

In terms of functionality, this browser is very similar to a standard web browser. All basic browser features like search bar, history viewer, bookmark manager, extension support, etc., are in this web browser. In addition, you can also find several advanced features such as Synchronization, Reading Mode, Task Manager and others.

In general, all of this is an anonymous browser that is effective but simple and easy. You can easily use it to make secure transactions and other important activities via the internet without revealing your identity.

Here are 5 of the best anonymous browsers for windows

1. Brave

Brave is a free open source anonymous browser software for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android. The main purpose of this browser is to give you a personal, fast and secure web browsing experience.

Even in normal mode, this software blocks all types of trackers and advertisements which slow down the page load time.

It also immediately shows the number of trackers, advertisements, and increases in HTTP that are blocked on its interface. However, to be completely anonymous, you need to use the Private window in Tor mode.

This mode basically connects Agan with the Tor network which consists of thousands of nodes that completely hide your identity on the internet. It even hides your IP address and removes all traces that can be used to track your activities.

In addition to Tor mode, this also provides an option to surf the internet privately using the DuckDuckGo service. This service allows you to search the web privately because it does not store your search history.

Main features:

Private Window: This window allows you to browse anonymously using the Tor network or allow you to search privately on the web using the DuckDuckGo service.

To browse anonymously using Tor, you need to use the Alt + Shift + N shortcut key. To browse privately using DuckDuckGo, you only need to enable searching with the DuckDuckGo option from the private window.
Sync: This feature allows you to synchronize bookmarks, history, saved pages and other data with other devices that have this browser.

Additional features:

Cast: Allows you to display the entire software interface to screencast-supported screens and TVs.
Distill Pages: This feature gives you an ideal reading environment because it hides all distractions from the interface such as graphics, website UI, etc.

Task Manager: This is a unique feature of this browser that allows you to see all browser background processes that are running along with active extensions and web page usage. If some processes, extensions or web pages do not respond, you can quickly stop them.

This is a free anonymous browser that protects you from all types of trackers and gives you an anonymous browsing environment.

2. Tor Browser

Tor Browser is a free, open source anonymous browser for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android. This is one of the best free anonymous browser software that you can find for free.

To hide your identity when browsing the internet, this browser uses the Tor network which consists of thousands of nodes. Each node takes data and passes it to the randomly selected node to block tracking.

Plus, there are no nodes that store information about the input connection; therefore, the node cannot report the connection that has been handled.

Main features:

Block Trackers: This feature blocks all types of trackers that websites use to display relevant advertisements to you. Plus, it automatically deletes all cookies immediately after you close the browser.

Defend Against Surveillance: This also prevents you from being monitored which aims to find out about the websites that you frequently visit.

Resist Fingerprinting: All users in the Tor browser look exactly the same. Therefore, it is very difficult for anyone to determine a particular user, even by using browser and device information.
Multi-Layered Encryption: All traffic that passes through the Tor network will be encrypted three times.

Additional features:

Add-ons: In this software, you can also install add-ons and extensions to enhance the feature set of this software. You can add any Firefox extension to this software.

Library: By using it, you can manage your bookmarks, history and downloads.
Custom: Allows you to add various shortcuts such as additional menus, history, full screen mode, etc. through the main interface.

This anonymous browser provides the most security features that hide your identity through the internet. You can download the Tor browser from here .

3. Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browser is another free anonymous browser software for Windows and MacOS. It is based on the Chromium browser and looks very similar to it.

However, unlike Chromium, this gives you an anonymous search environment, blocking ads, blocking trackers, and providing many other privacy features.

Main features:

Epic Proxy: This is the most advanced feature of this browser which hides your IP address, location, and encrypts all data that transmits through your system.

Epic Filter: This feature is activated even in normal mode which blocks crypto mining (blocking scripts that can use your system to mine cryptocurrency) and tracking scripts.

Umbrella: This allows you to manually determine whether you want to block plugins, advertisements and trackers. Plus, this also gives you the option to see all trackers and ads that are blocked.

Additional features:

Extensions: In this web browser, you can add extensions to add new features to this browser. All extensions supported by the Chromium browser can also be installed on it.

Task Manager: This feature allows you to view and manage all currently running extensions and web page usage. You can also stop any extension or web page.

This is a feature-rich anonymous browser that provides all the important features that help you stay anonymous through the internet.

4. Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon is the next free anonymous browser software for Windows. This is another free anonymous Chromium-based browser. This browser provides a very safe and anonymous environment for its users.

To ensure your privacy, Comodo Dragon blocks all types of trackers that can be used to display advertisements and to steal your information.

Plus, sophisticated Domain Validation technology is also used by him which quickly distinguishes websites with superior SSL certificates from websites with lower or worse SSL certificates to help you avoid suspicious websites.

Main features:

Virtual Mode: By activating it, you can surf the internet safely and anonymously because it offers a completely isolated environment. By default, this feature does not come with this browser, so you must download it using the Switch to virtual mode option.

IP / DNS Leakage Detector: This is another practical feature that shows all information that can be seen and accessed by websites such as IP addresses, DNS addresses, etc.

Enforce Secure Connections: By activating it, you can make secure connections with any website.
Incognito Mode: This is the standard privacy mode of this software which does not store history, cache, and other search information.

Additional features:

Task Manager: Using it, you can see all running tabs, extensions, background processes, etc., from this browser. This also allows you to stop the service manually.
Extensions: In this browser, you can install all extensions supported by Chromium to add more features to this anonymous browser. You can download Comodo Dragon from here.

This anonymous browser ensures the security and anonymity of its users. Plus, it’s also quite simple and easy to operate.

5. SRWare Iron

SRWare Iron is another free Chromium-based anonymous browser software for Windows, Android, MacOS, and Linux. The main task of this browser is to protect all your information from Google because Google collects a lot of information about its users from a web browser.

This browser almost blocks all the methods used by Google to collect your information. This browser can make you anonymous from Google, but does not provide protection against trackers and advertisements used by other online services to collect user data.

As a browser, this is exactly similar to Chromium and offers standard Chromium features such as Bookmark Manager, History Viewer, Extension support, etc.

Main features:

Privacy: To ensure your privacy, this software blocks various methods used by Google to collect information, namely Installation ID, alternative error pages, error reporting, RLZ tracking, and URL tracking.

Incognito Mode: This gives you a personal search window that does not store cookies, history, website data, and form data.

Additional features:

Sync: Allows you to synchronize this browser information with one or more SRWare Iron browsers that are on different devices. To synchronize data, this browser uses a Google account.
Cast: This is a useful feature where you can quickly cast this browser via a wireless screen or TV.

This software does not give you a completely anonymous browsing experience like other similar software. However, if you want to hide your browsing activities from Google, you can use this anonymous browser.

That’s the 5 best anonymous browsers for windows. Hope it is useful and thanks for visiting.

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