How to Update iTunes from PC Step by Step

If you are a user of the famous Apple brand, surely you have heard of the iTunes application many times. It is a multimedia content store through which you can access all the content available for such a network of devices. If you keep reading this article, you will surely knowhow to update iTunes from PCto the latest version available.

How to Update iTunes from PC Step by Step
How to Update iTunes from PC Step by Step

How to Update iTunes from PC Step by Step

Users of the iTunes application can download music, videos and content at their fingertips in a wide range that can be adapted to the content that interests each person.

Benefits of having iTunes

After you’ve downloaded what you like the most, you can create your own playlists, burn CDs, convert files to other formats, and activate the viewer. There are also so-called “smart playlists”, which can be configured to update according to criteria specified by the user in the list.

Several functionalities are included that make this app more seductive for users. Noteworthy isiMix, a playlist created by the user and published in the iTunes store of the iTunes app. They are limited to 100 songs and support either music downloaded or imported from CD.

They remain active for a year, and any user could rate this list through the star system. This makes the platform somewhat more dynamic and interesting, making user participation simpler.

How can I update iTunes on my Mac?

You can well share your library through your local network using the protocol that Apple created for it (DAAP– Digital Audio Access Protocol).

Videos can also be downloaded, as iTunes supports various add-ons for viewing. You can also enjoy podcasts, which are a set of ”radio programs” that are transmitted through the Internet.

After you subscribe to them, they will be downloaded to your device from time to time in the Podcast Directory. Finally, it should be noted that if you have an iPod or an iPhone, you can synchronize everything with your device and, therefore,all downloaded content will also be available on them.

Regarding how to update iTunes from the PC, you should know that all Macs come standard with iTunes pre-installed, so using it is not fundamentally a problem. Next, we are going to show you, yes, the steps you need so that you can get the latest version of such software:

Download iTunes for Mac from Here

  1. After your Mac is on,open the APP Store iconin the bottom menu of the desktop
  2. In the upper area of ​​the window that opens, you must click on the option ”iTunes” located on the left
  3. Now proceeds to locate the ”Check for Updates” or Check for updates
  4. If there is an update for the iTunes software, a warning will appear and you will have to press where it says ”Install
  5. You will be asked for your password to grant you administrator rights to the update
  6. Next, you will be asked for information about the installation and you will have to click on the “Accept” option orOK
  7. You just have to wait for the update to download and continue installing it
  8. Restart your PC to make sure everything is fine

If the system does not ask you to install anything, it is because you are already checking the latest version of the iTunes application. It may have been installed automatically. However, start with the steps outlined to check it out simply.

How to update iTunes on Windows 7 or 10 computers?

The iTunes app is not only available on Apple devices. You can also install it on your desktop computer with Windows system. Second, the steps to follow to complete the update are detailed.

Download iTunes for Windows 7 or higher version (32-bit)

Download iTunes for Windows 7 or higher version (64-bit)

  1. First of all,you have to open the iTunes applicationby double clicking on its respective icon
  2. Now in the menu bar at the top of this window, you must choose the ”Help” menu
  3. Now you must click on the option that says ”Check for updates
  4. If it is available, you can click ”Install” and follow the necessary steps to complete it.

If you haven’t updated iTunes for a long time, it’s important to make sure you have enough time to wait for the app to update before using it again.

How can I update iTunes on my iPhone device?

We have already explained how to update iTunes from the PC, even with Windows operating system. Now you should know that updating the iTunes application from the iPhone is very simple since everything is done instantly through the icon of the Apple APP Store. Follow the steps below to get the latest version of the software available:

  1. Open the icon of the Apple APP Store on your mobile, either an iPad or from your iPhone.
  2. Now at the bottom, click on the option on the right where it says ”Updates
  3. Now you can search among the applications you want to update, when you find it, click there and check if a button appears where it says ”Update“. In addition, a red circle may appear. This is really visible when an upgrade is available, for example updates are available in the APP Store
  4. Click on the update option and wait for it to download and install on your phone. It is a very simple process, but it is done offline and in any case you will need your permission to continue
  5. When it is complete, you will see a blue circle next to the name of the application, this will indicate that the update has been completed successfully

You can ask for a username and password or fingerprint confirmation to accept the iTunes update to the latest version. Do it while you are connected to a Wi-Fi network so that the process is much faster and does not consume the data of your smartphone.

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