Use Amazon Echo Dot As Any Bluetooth Speaker

Amazon Echo Dot is one of the most popular Echo models because of its cheap price, but to play music we are forced to have premium accounts on various streaming services or Amazon Prime … but what if we could play music via bluetooth?

Use Amazon Echo Dot as any bluetooth speaker
Use Amazon Echo Dot as any bluetooth speaker

In this guide I will explain how to use Echo Dot as a normal bluetooth speaker.

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Amazon Echo Dot as a bluetooth speaker

As soon as I get home my Echo Dot I immediately try among the Spotify skills, but I discover that the free account is not enough and then you are forced to have the Premium.

So I try Amazon Music, but having the Prime not all the songs are available. Same thing for Deezer, the only free service is TuneIn to listen to the radio.

But what if we used bluetooth to listen to music on Echo Dot with a free Spotify account ? Yes, it is possible!

Enable bluetooth

The first thing we need to do is to pair our Echo Dot with the smartphone via Bluetooth connection.

To do this, open the Alexa app on your smartphone and follow these steps:

  • Click at the bottom right on devices
  • Then top left on Echo & Alexa
  • Here click on your Echo Dot and then on Bluetooth Devices
  • Now at the bottom click on associate a new device and turn on the bluetooth also on the phone
  • From your smartphone you will now find Echo Dot, click on it to pair it and you will be done

Now when you want to reconnect your smartphone, just say “Alexa connect my phone” and Echo Dot will connect to your smartphone’s bluetooth if it is active.

By doing this any sound reproduced by the smartphone will then be played on Echo Dot, whatever it is, from Spotify with free account, YouTube and even calls.

This function makes Echo an even more versatile device, which is not limited to being a smart device but also a simple speaker.

Turn Echo Dot into a wireless speaker

As you well know Echo Dot works by cable, as it must be powered without having a battery.

Through this wireless battery , which doubles as a home, you can turn it into a portable speaker!

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