Complete Guide: How to Use Your Own Domain on Blogspot

For bloggers who want to change their blogspot address to their own domain address (for example,, here is a complete guide on how to use their own domain on blogspot.

How to Use Your Own Domain on Blogspot

How to Use Your Own Domain on Blogspot?

When you create a blog on, you will usually get a domain name like ( and this is a free domain provided by Blogspot, which is also called a subdomain because it is located in front of the main domain name.

So what if you want to use a special name like on your blog that is registered on Blogspot, for example

In this article, AsalJeplak will explain in full the steps for using your own domain on Blogspot, which will be accompanied by a concise and clear explanation so that you can easily do this.

But first, what are the advantages of using your own domain name compared to using a free domain address provided by Blogspot?

Benefits of using your own domain name for Blogspot

Some of the plus points in using your own domain name for Blogspot include the following:

  1. Better performance on search engines,
  2. Can apply for non-hosted Adsense program,
  3. Can use an email account with your own domain address, for example (requires additional web hosting or email hosting),
  4. Looks more professional and more “capital”

Their only drawback may be that there is an additional annual fee that must be paid, where the price is determined based on the extension or suffix of the domain address.

For example, the most common is.comwhich is usually offered at a cost of around $6 – $15 per year, while the local domain that is currently booming,, is offered at a price of IDR 200k-600k per year.

Some of the domain extensions require additional requirements, for example, .usrequires documentation that shows that you are a citizen of the United States, requires documents that indicate official company ownership in Indonesia, such as a photocopy/scan of NPWP, owner’s KTP, SIUP, and TDP.

So, that’s a little explanation about domains, and then Asaljeplak will discuss what you need to do to be able to use your own domain on your Blogspot blog.

Use Your Own Domain on Blogspot

First of all, Truegossiper assumes that you already know how to buy your own domain name and get access to the domain panel or panel account provided by the registrar.

PS (not an advertorial but an affiliate), you can buy a .com domain at at a super cheap price, namely IDR 99,000 for the first year and the extension is only around IDR 129 thousand per year, which is already among the cheapest among other registrars, by clicking the link the following: buy cheap domains.

Second, after the domain has been purchased and you have access to the domain account panel from the registrar, you can log in to your blogspot account to enter the desired domain address.

How to do it? The way to do this is to log in to your account, then in the admin menu on the blogspot page, select thesettings > basic menu orsettings > basic, then select theSet up third party URL menu for your blog.

Then enter your domain name in it (in the empty column next to http://) and click on the save button:

When filling in the domain address, use the complete address such as and don’t just fill in the domain address (you must use www).

After clicking Save, a warning will appear like this: “We cannot verify your authority for this domain.” as well as the CNAME data that you will change via your domain panel (see screenshot below).

Next, open your domain panel and make sure the DNS Zone editor or DNS Zone Manager feature is available (please ask the place where you bought the domain if you encounter difficulties), then enter the CNAME data above.

Add a Zone Record with type CNAME in the domain panel where next you need to enter www in the host name, then enter in Address or Points to, then save.

Add another Zone Record with type CNAME but this time enter the data on the second line, namely “ugxqwilb7sgp” (without quotes) in the host name (this will be different for each blog), then enter “gv-47vqmssolkrri6.dv.googlehosted. com” (without quotes) in Address or Points to, then save.

Next, add Zone Record with type A 4 times, each of which will be filled in like this:

Tipe Record:A
Host name:@
Address / Points to (berbeda2 tiap record):

Please wait for the propagation process for around 5 minutes to 5 hours so it can start working straight away, and then go back to the Blogspot admin page, go to theSettings > Basic menu and try saving again.

If successful, then you can access your Blogspot blog via the domain address you connected to. As an additional note, if the option appears to check ”Redirect to ” you can just check it.

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