User Guide For Weebly

By going through this Weebly review, the user can easily understand that website builders are commonly getting famous based on their simple usability feature.

User Guide For Weebly

Still, a user may find some of them not that much user friendly in terms of usage, especially for non-technical people. So if any user has found website builder comprehensive and challenging, he must fall in love with Weebly.

What is Weebly?

Weebly is a web hosting service and a free website creator which uses an easy and straightforward widget-based site builder that works with web browsers. It has a drag and drops option for its provided elements. It automatically produces a mobile version of every website.

Weebly’s android and IOS apps allow the user to observe website traffic statistics, blog post upgrading and respond to customer comments and queries. Besides, a user has an online store, so there is an extension to add or upgrade products.

As of 2018, the website creator could create stores where payment can make through PayPal, stripe, square, and Users can select to consolidate ads in their pages, and visitor statistics can follow by an in-house tracking tool or Google Analytics.

Weebly also has integrated newsletter marketing features. By using sitemaps, simple HTML formatting, automatic pinging of content, and meta interpretations, Weebly can set up websites to fully optimized for search engines. At the end Consumer gets an option of selecting URL ending e.g. .com, .net, .org, etc.

Weebly headquartered is situated in San Francisco (a city in California). It operates under the parent company called Square, Incorporation. At acquisition in 2018, Weebly had 625,000 plus paid subscribers.

As of 2020, Weebly provides its service in many languages: English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Chinese, Russian, and Turkish.

What Are Weebly’s Key Tools and Features?

Weebly amazed users with its super scalable options. Weebly has a gigantic app center, helpful by SEO guides, robust blogging options, and suitable for eCommerce. In addition to this, a user gets 24/7 support, marketing and analytical tools, and built-in website privacy.

This Weebly review describes that it offers the option to fine-tune the website using HTML and CSS and may even export it for editing somewhere else, which means it is not only for beginners. It also provides several subscription grades, including eCommerce plans.

Whom Is Weebly Best For?

Weebly is the best option for small scale businesses, as it provides you all the features a user required to acquire a business site off the ground. Its simple editor eliminates the hassle of creating a website, which means users can come online sooner.

Weebly review pros and cons:

Now that we know much about Weebly let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of this review.

Weebly Pros:

Weebly is the leading website builder for small scale businesses; it has all of the necessary tools to create a business site or even an online store.

It has smart customizable templates, all of Weebly’s themes are easily manageable and stylish, and a user can even switch among them.

Weebly has a helpful SEO guide present in the help and support center, ranging from counseling in coding, tip, and tricks to boost the site ranking or keyword optimization.

At this moment of demonstrating Weebly’s review, they had 67 themes collectively to choose from. Users can pick those themes as Featured, online store, business, portfolio, blog, event, and personal.

Weebly Cons:

The drag-and-drop customized option is limited, unless or until a user will be confident with code (and have a good know-how of using the Weebly Code Editor). A user may be annoyed by Weebly’s lack of creative freedom.

It doesn’t have a customized restore option, so the user will be dependent on the support team to restore the user’s website if a site goes down.

In Weebly’s, there is No Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) option. ADI is a place where a website builder uses the user’s information and automatically produces a site by saving the user’s time and energy. In Weebly’s case, a user has to develop his site manually.

Weebly pricing plans:

In this Weebly review, a user can find that Weebly Promote for free, and after that, there are three pricing plans:

Personal Plan: $6/month, it is quite identical to the free Plan on account of the features except that it lets a user connect with a custom domain.

Professional Plan: $12/month, is best for small business, it’s the cheapest Plan which eliminates Weebly adverts from the website. In addition to the free domain, a user can also unlock unlimited storage.

Performance Plan: $26/month; this deal is best for growing businesses and online stores looking to increase sales. A user can get advanced eCommerce options like shipping labels and deserted cart emails.


This Weebly review elaborates that Weebly is easy to use website builder, which aimed to be best for users with little digital knowledge. It has great pricing plans, the best functionality, and well user experience. So if you search for a good website builder that best fits your objectives, Weebly is a solid choice.

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