Using Good And Correct Duplicate Content for Adsense

Many say that duplicate content is something that Google cannot accept, especially for those who take part in the Adsense program. But is that true?

Using Good and Correct Duplicate Content for Adsense

Using Good and Correct Duplicate Content for Adsense

The answer to the question above really depends on the execution performed, especially when using duplicate content.

Duplicating content is actually NO PROBLEM as long as we follow the right rules of the game. Even Matt Cutts, Google expert staff who is responsible for detecting SPAM articles, said on the official Google Webmasters YouTube channel that Duplicate content is not a problem, and will not harm you, as long as it is not SPAM

In the video, Matt even explains that almost most of the web content on the internet is duplicate content, so it is actually very natural to find content that has already been published by other websites on the Google search engine.

In fact, all news websites contain duplicate content because they always try to highlight topics and themes that are currently trending.

So what is meant by content that is SPAM?

Case study

For some who “get it”, there are several websites that we created using subdirectories and not on a new domain, most of which use duplicate content, namely:

These three websites openly take content from other websites, if you are aware. But all three also have other characteristics, namely:

  • Taking from foreign language websites.
  • The translation is not completely copied from Google Translate but rather “translated” in its own way.
  • Include the source of the article.

So even though these three fall into the duplicate content category, they do not “absolutely” duplicate content from other sources.

Then is it just the three ways he did it? What if I duplicate content from the same language? So what is the impact if we are one of those who take part in the Adsense program?

Duplicate Content and Adsense

Duplicating content as explained above is not a problem according to Matt Cutts, but the duplicate content should not be SPAM.

In this sense, let’s assume you have a website that:

  • the content is plagiarized from another website,
  • use the same language as the article,
  • the number of duplicate articles is very large,
  • each copying the entire article from another website,
  • not taking the time to edit content,
  • do not add your own opinion or your own words,
  • does not include source,
  • just chasing keyword density.

The description above is characteristic of duplicate content which is considered SPAM by the Google search engine, and this is very dangerous, especially for those of you who also play Adsense.

Why? Because basically Adsense only wants to use publishers who provide something unique to their readers, with the hope of increasing the probability of web visitors from these publishers clicking on ads and buying or using the services provided by advertisers.

However, there will be no problems if you use duplicate content responsibly, i.e. present something different from the original content.

Another reason is because taking other people’s content in its entirety without permission and without mentioning the source is a violation of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) aka the law relating to copyright for digital products, of which web articles are one of them so Google doesn’t want to seem to support it. that.

So, in conclusion, how is duplicate content good in the eyes of Google and safe for Adsense?

Safe Duplicate Content for Adsense

Talking about duplicate content, it is highly recommended for those of you who play Adsense to remain careful in executing it on your website, but please breathe a little easier if what you do is like this:

  • Content in the form of translation.In fact, you can use translated content from Google Translate without modifying it, but by doing so you sacrifice your web visitors which will certainly reduce the number of repeat visits.
  • Don’t duplicate the whole thing . Use your own language style and don’t duplicate it word for word. Making it as a quote, or taking several paragraphs is still considered safe.
  • Content for Mobile sites . If you have a dedicated web for mobile site that takes from your website then it is not considered duplicate content.
  • Complete duplicates are allowed, but not SPAM.Assuming there are several articles that are “picked” from other websites, that’s not a problem as long as the portion is still far below unique or original content.

So if you want to have a site like a curation site or a content aggregation site, it’s actually no problem, but try to increase the amount of original content so that it won’t be labeled SPAM by Google.

This discussion will also be closely related to the discussion about Autoblogging, aka blogging automatically using software or plugins, but it has its own tricks and I will probably explain them in a future article.

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