uTorrent Web | Streaming Torrents from Your PC

uTorrentis a P2P download client which is based on a network system between users in which we work by downloading but also delivering downloaded files, they became fashionable more than a decade ago, and since then they have revolutionized the network.

uTorrent Web | Streaming Torrents from Your PC
uTorrent Web | Streaming Torrents from Your PC

uTorrent Web | Streaming Torrents from Your PC

Despite all the intense campaigns to discredit and even ban them, by containing in part files protected with copyright, this system has been continuously evolving until it reaches its most interesting form:torrents.

And to download these large files in the easiest and fastest way, nothing like uTorrent, the best client on the market.

How to install uTorrent Web on your computer

If you want to enjoy all the advantages offered by this torrent download service, this is the procedure you must follow to have it on your computer:

  1. First of all, you must download the program directly from theofficial uTorrent website.
  2. Then a window will appear advising you that the download is about to start. ClickOKandSave File
  3. The next step will start the download process. Click on theNext> Continueoption to follow all the steps until the end of the installation. Be especially careful not to install security suites or extra applications that are suggested during the process. To do this, click onDecline
  4. Once the installation is complete, a new tab will appear in the browser. Use the search bar to locate the files you are interested in downloading on the internet

How to download files from uTorrent Web

One of the options to download files is to do it from the application’s external websites:

  1. You just have to click on the Magnet option, which will appear in the file’s download options. Clicking on this option will appearuTorrent Web> Open link
  2. Then a new tab will appear in the browser that will take you to the uTorrent page from where you can see the files that are being downloaded

Another way to download is from native torrent files. To do this, you must have a torrent file downloaded to your computer

  1. Double click on the uTorrent Web option and then click on Browse
  2. A window will then appear to locate the file. Select the.torrent fileand click on Open to start downloading

UTorrent main features

Maximum speed in a small footprint

Torrent download managers are usually running uninterrupted during the entire time that the computer is connected since these types of downloads tend to be of many gigs.

But thanks to programs like uTorrent, its power and the few resources it consumes will allow our computer to continue working as usual.

If we don’t have a particularly fast Internet connection and browsing slows down, we can also use the uTorrent settings to limit the size of the download, so we can work as usual. And all this in little more than a mega, which is what the installation of this program occupies.

Simple interface

Torrents are usually huge packages of files of several gigabytes, so their download is not as fast as that of a normal disc or any movie.

However, thanks to uTorrent, we canfollow the download process step by step, what has been downloaded, an estimate of the time in which we will have the complete download, including the type of file that we are downloading within the package.

All this in a sober but elegant interface, with a lot of useful information at first glance that offers us everything we need to know. At the top, you can locate the small options tab, with all the changes and preferences that we can make to make the interface look the way we want.

Features to get the most out of Utorrent

Although its main function is to serve as a download manager for torrent files and packages, the truth is thatuTorrenthas some other features that make it even more complete.

  • It includes an integrated content search engine, which will make it easier for us to find what we are looking for without leaving the program itself, being able to see the quality of the files we want to download
  • It offers the option of making a previous audio and video streaming, to know that what we are downloading is really what we want
  • Delete the attached files that usually appear along with the main download file. Sometimes these files are nothing more than additional information of the content, images or any other information without much value. To avoid downloading it, click on the Files option so that all the additional ones are displayed and click on the switches to prevent them from being downloaded
  • Make downloads speed up or slow down. Many simultaneous downloads, or very large files, can affect bandwidth, slowing down the speed of the computer. For this you can limit the download and upload speed from theSettingssection that you will locate with the icon of a cogwheel. Go toAdvanced Settings> Manage Bandwidth. Change the value depending on the download speed you want to apply

Now you can get the most out of one of the most popular and popular torrent managers of the moment. Enjoy the best multimedia content on your computer and make use of all the available functions to improve the user experience.

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