Download Best Video Cutter App for Android

Video Cutter App for Android: It’s no longer a time for us to be just video connoisseurs on our timeline or social media homepage. We can also make videos that are unique and interesting like other content creators.

But unfortunately, sometimes we are constrained by the videos we make that are not satisfactory. So that there is a need for video editing and viewing in certain sections.

Download Best Video Cutter App for Android
Download Best Video Cutter App for Android

Download Best Video Cutter App for Android

So, so that the videos we make can be maximally good, we need a video cutter application to support making videos that we will upload later. Here are some of our recommendations:

1. Cute Cut

Cute Cut is a video cutter application that is recommended for creating your video content. This application offers convenience in trimming and trimming videos. In full, you can cut any part of the video you want to cut.

Apart from cutting, you can also add certain sentences, add effects, and control the brightness level of the video display. Even more interesting, with Cute Cut you can edit videos with multiple layers.

Download Cute Cut

2. You Cut

You Cut is also one of the most reliable video cutting applications on Android. Besides being able to cut videos, You Cut can also trim videos to be cut.

In addition, You Cut also has a feature that can be used to embed songs into the videos that you make. You can also use some frames to make the video more interesting.

Download You Cut

3. VidTrim

VidTrim is a video cutter application that you can use to edit videos at once. Two in one feature in one application. With the VidTrim application, users will be able to make it easier because besides cutting videos, they can also edit videos as well.

Thus you don’t need to use 2 applications to make good videos. Another feature that users can take advantage of is the merging of 2 videos into one feature. And after finishing cutting and editing the video, you can immediately share it on your social media accounts.

Download VidTrim

4. Easy Video Cutter

Easy Video Cutter is a video cutter application with various features. First you open this application you will find lots of menus in it.

Among the excellent features of Easy Video Cutter are Video Cutter, Compress Video Size, Video Merge, Video Speed, Extract MP3, Gif Video, Mute Video, and Rotate Video.

If you only want to cut the video, you can use the Compress Video Size feature. And you only need to sort the Cut Video feature. With this feature, you can cut videos directly easily and quickly.

Download Easy Video Cutter

5. AndroVid

Well, this video cutter application appears with the term AndroVid. Not much different, AndroVid also functions as an application for editing videos. AndroVid is capable of editing and trimming videos that anyone can use quickly and easily.

You can trim videos with the trim feature installed in the AndroVid application. The interface displayed by AndroVid is landscape, unlike VivaVideo, VideoShow and InShot.

Download Androvid

6. Video Cutter

Another easy and fast video cutter application is the Video Cutter application. Like other applications, Video Cutter specializes only in cutting videos. But Video Cutter supports all Video file formats.

After finishing cutting the video, the video results will automatically be stored in the storage space or memory of your HP SD Card.

Download Video Cutter

7. Video Cutter & Merger

If you want to cut videos quickly and easily, you can rely on this Video Cutter & Merger. Video Cutter is a special application used to cut videos only with a few additional features.

Another feature is merging or joining videos. Only with these two excellent features the application is simpler and easier to use, so that no features will be redundant if you only need to cut videos.

Download Video Cutter & Merger

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