Video Games That Became Massive E-Sports Hits

Gone are the days when humans considered video games a waste of time. If your parents still disparage your video gaming, they either lack vision or are simply out of touch. Esports is the video game sector’s competitive gaming arm and has become very popular globally.

Video Games That Became Massive E-Sports Hits
Video Games That Became Massive E-Sports Hits

Video Games That Became Massive E-Sports Hits

The eSports competitions usually have a massive following and enormous cash pots. It also attracts sponsorships that allow elite players to turn their passion for gaming into careers.

You can access these eSports games from your favoriteonline casinoor other top-rated gaming platforms. So, what video games have dominated the eSports sector?

Apex Legends

Developer Respawn developed two games that were overlooked, but Apex Legends was a smash-hit. It is a battle royale shooter game set in the Titanfall universe. The game allows gamers to control its agile mercenaries instead of bulky robots.

Furthermore, the characters are equipped with multiple unique abilities. For instance, gamers can travel between dimensions as Wraith or cloak themselves by creating holograms as Mirage. The game’s clever communication tools allow teams to coordinate effortlessly.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This game debuted in 2012 and enjoys the backing of a robust heritage of multiplayer FPS like Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source.

Several years later, the game remains competitive against modern titles. This could be attributed to the game’s core gameplay and active community.

Visually, the game is beginning to show its age and is not as thematically rich as more modern games. Many gamers enjoy the game making it very competitive in eSports games. It is also popular among eSports betting fans on platforms like Betway that offer eSports betting markets.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is believed to be an easy game to learn but challenging to master. It is one of the world’s most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). The free-to-play game tasks its players with selecting one of the over 100 playable heroes to take the battlefield.

After that, you have to utilize the character’s special capabilities, attributes, and play style. The game might seem incomprehensible to viewers unfamiliar with its mechanics. Additionally, it has insane cash pots, and stiff competition makes it worth watching.


Fortnite is another battle royale to beat. The game has been so viral that Epic Games revealed in early 2020 that the game had hosted a whooping 12.3 million concurrent players in a single record-breaking session.

The game’s popularity is off the charts. This is probably because it has approachable gameplay modes, bright graphics, and a unique construction system.

It is also popular among eSports betting fans on Betway because of its iffy combat and microtransactions that detract players from the experience. Moreover, the game is available on virtually every platform.

The King of Fighters XIV

This is SNK’s latest entry in the long-running The King of Fighters series. The game’s deep combo system, massive 58-person roster, team-based action, and special attacks are unmatched. Additionally, it has varied defensive, offensive, and movement options that blend well to create a spectacular gaming experience.

All these features have made it popular in eSports tournaments. However, the same qualities also make the game intimidating to master.

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