Complete Guide to Video Streaming Services in 2023!

Are you at home office or practicing social distancing? Read our guide with the best movie and series streaming services to enjoy in your spare time!

Video Streaming Services
Video Streaming Services

Complete Guide to Video Streaming Services in 2023!

Did you experience the time when you had to go to the movies or wait for the movie to arrive at a video store in order to watch it?

Days and months went by until, finally, it was possible to take advantage of a release. And when did everyone start downloading movie files directly to their computer?

The download took hours, the internet speed was compromised and there was a great risk of the file bringing viruses to your computer. Furthermore, the devices did not have a large storage capacity, requiring the use of CDs or USB sticks.

Currently, these situations are unthinkable, as several streaming services have emerged that bring almost automatic access to movies, series, music and books, whether new releases or existing classics.

What is Streaming?

Streaming is a technology that allows the distribution of data in real time to computers, cell phones, tablets and smart TVs, without the need to download files. Streaming services make it possible to access videos and music at the desired time, without compromising internet speed, taking up space on the device, or violating the copyright of works.

The growth of streaming

Streaming technology has been around for a long time, but it only became popular with the development of the internet and the emergence of broadband in Brazil in the early 2000s. Image. Since then, Netflix has emerged as a pioneer in the video business in the country and has won the hearts of Brazilians, being followed by many other companies.

In addition to technological advancement, price has helped streaming’s popularity grow. While the average movie ticket cost BRL 31 in 2019, subscribing to a streaming service to watch unlimited movies could be as cheap as BRL 9.90 monthly in 2020.

Which platform to choose?

If you study or work from home and spend most of your time at home, you would probably like entertainment options for your free time.

It is possible that you already pay for cable TV, but do not see a great return on investment, after all, there are so many random channels that most people only identify with a small portion of them.

It is also possible that you are already part of a video streaming service and want to expand your repertoire of options, or that you are still considering starting a subscription. Whatever the case, this guide is to help you understand which service best suits your needs.

What if the chosen streaming service is not available in your country?

Some very famous platforms abroad, such as Disney Plus and Hulu, have not yet arrived in many countries, but it is possible to install a VPN application to gain access to them.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) server is nothing more than a virtual private network that allows you to mask your internet browsing data.

The app tricks the visited website and changes the user’s IP address to the country of choice, thus showing the chosen location instead of the real one.

In this way, it is possible to have access to any streaming content from other countries. Another advantage of the VPN is the guarantee of digital security since no one will be able to access personal information from the device used.

See our selection of the best streaming sites and what their strengths are!

The Best Streaming Platforms in 2023


She is the pioneer and darling in Brazil, surpassing the mark of 10 million subscribers in the country! Netflix has its own content production company, responsible for original and acclaimed productions, such as “Casa de Papel” and “Stranger Things”.

Pros: The platform is easy to use and affordable, which is already a huge plus for users. Other positive points are the ease of use on any device with internet access, including computers, tablets, cell phones, smart TVs and video games, and the possibility of downloading videos to watch offline. Also, Netflix is ​​ad-free, ensuring a great user experience.

Cons: There is no high rotation of releases, and the news that appears, for the most part, is limited to original Netflix productions. In addition, the website’s catalog is not global, that is, the movies available vary from country to country. This brings up the need to use a VPN for Netflix to access works that are only available elsewhere.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is Amazon’s streaming service. It is home to acclaimed series such as “The Office”, “House” and “Two and a Half Men”, as well as numerous classic and new films that can be watched on different screens.

Pros: If you already have an Amazon Prime subscription, streaming videos is free. Anyway, the monthly cost of subscribing to streaming only is one of the best in the Brazilian market and guarantees access to up to 3 devices at the same time.

Another advantage is that recent titles reach the platform faster and the catalog is always being stocked with news. Finally, as with Netflix, it is possible to download works to be watched when there is no internet available.

Cons: The catalog is still a little leaner when compared to the competition, and many of the productions still don’t have subtitles or titles in Portuguese. As with any streaming service, it would be important to use a VPN extension for Amazon Prime to ensure your family’s digital safety.

Disney Plus

Can you imagine having access to the entire Disney movie catalogue, including old classics that are super hard to find online? Parents with children thank you!

Pros: Having access to all Disney movies. In addition to cartoons, Disney Plus also offers movies and series beloved by adults, such as the Marvel saga, The Simpsons and the entire Star Wars franchise, including the highly anticipated “Mandalorian” series. Access can be done via computer, cell phones, smart TVs and game consoles.

Cons: Unfortunately, it is not yet available in Brazil. If you can’t wait, you can install a VPN for Disney Plus to access all the content on the platform. Another disadvantage is having to pay the subscription fee in dollars.


HBO Go is HBO’s streaming service in Brazil. He became very popular during the broadcast of the series “Game of Thrones”, which is exclusive to the channel.

Pros: You can watch popular series and movies that are only available on HBO. Those who own the channel through cable TV are entitled to free access to the streaming service.

Cons: Despite the quality of the catalogue, the offer is limited to HBO titles and there are criticisms regarding the navigability and organization of the site’s content. Still, the subscription fee is a little higher than the competition and, despite working on Android and Apple computers and devices, the service is only available on limited models of LG or Samsung Smart TVs.


Hulu is one of the most famous streaming services in the United States, and one of Netflix’s biggest competitors. It offers a huge amount of productions, in addition to American live TV channels.

Pros: Large catalogue, original works and the ability to watch American pay-TV. There are several packages, from the most basic, with movies and series, to the most complete, with TV without ads. They also offer a promotion that includes Disney Plus and ESPN Plus for a much cheaper value than having separate subscriptions.

Cons: Unfortunately, Hulu only accepts people from the US and Japan, and specific payment methods and currencies for those countries. The good news is that it is possible to access the platform using a quality VPN and pay via Paypal. (Access our step by step to unblock Hulu in Brazil! )

Telecine Play

At the national level, we can highlight Telecine Play , with more than 2,000 films available to users.

Pros: Telecine Play is free for those who already pay for traditional cable TV, and it can also be watched on different screens, with 3 simultaneous devices. To please moviegoers, the subscription entitles you to purchase 2 half monthly tickets at Kinoplex and UCI cinemas.

Cons: It is completely focused on movies and does not offer any series. The app has low ratings in the Apple and Android app stores, where users cite many bugs.

Popcorn Time

Some time ago, when there were no streaming platforms, Popcorn Time was used a lot by people who wanted to watch movies and series for free. As it does not have a clear policy regarding copyright, the site is involved in controversies related to its legality.

Pros: The advantage over other streaming services is precisely the site’s proposal to offer free entertainment.

Cons: Aside from being a very unstable service, the biggest downside to Popcorn Time is the lack of certainty regarding browsing safety. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a good online VPN service to protect yourself.


IPTV, or Internet Protocol TV, is a technology that allows the transmission of subscription TV channels via streaming. IPTV can be streamed on any device that has a screen.

Pros: Despite streaming cable TV channels, there aren’t the same installation costs. In addition, because it is distributed digitally, IPTV has better image quality than traditional cable TV.

Cons: For IPTV to work, you need a Set-top Box, which is a type of converter attached to the TV through a cable. This means an extra cost to acquire this device, in addition to the channel subscription. Another disadvantage is that some brands of receivers modify the set-top box to capture pay TV channels without the authorization of the channels and this is considered an illegal activity.

Streaming has the potential to dominate the pay-TV market as consumers are increasingly demanding and want to watch quality content at reasonable prices.

Unfortunately, it is still not possible to choose a single platform that aggregates all existing films, series and programs, however, the sites are increasingly complete and with good monthly costs. Choose the one that best suits your needs and enjoy!

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