How to Watch TV on a Chromecast

The Chromecast is a great device that can be used to turn any television into a Smart TV. This gives us quite a few advantages since we can watch Netflix, HBO, YouTube videos and any other compatible content that we have on our mobile phone.

How to Watch TV on a Chromecast
How to Watch TV on a Chromecast

But what happens if our TV is not tuned or is not capable of receiving the DTT signal? And what if we want to watch TV on a simple PC monitor?

In this case, the simplest thing is to go to an app like TDTChannels, which groups togetherall the channels that broadcast free on Spanish DTTand collects their IPTV signal so that we can see them through a simple Internet connection.

The good thing about this project developed by Marc Vila is that it has also been compatible with Chromecast for some time now.

How to watch TV on a Chromecast using TDTChannels

The first thing we have to do is download the app, which is available through its official websiteHERE. The application is available for both Android and iPhone devices and even has a web version to watch TV from the browser without having to install anything.

That said, if we have an Android mobile, once the APK package has been downloaded and installed –don’t you know how to install an APK?

Once inside, we select the channel that interests us and we will see several available broadcast options (Broadcast 1, Broadcast 2, Broadcast 3, Web broadcast, etc.).

Here we must avoid “webcasting”, since when redirecting to an external website we cannot use the Chromecast function that includes the native player of the application.

Finally, once we are viewing the live broadcast of the selected channel, we just have to click on the Chromecast icon that we will see on the screen.

We select the Chromecast player, and voila! Remember that both the mobile and the Chromecastmust be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Extra functions: international channels and radio stations

The app also includes some extra features, such as the ability to watchinternational television channels from the US, Latin America, Asia, Africa, etc., as well as regional TV channels in Spain.

Finally, the application also allows you to listen to local and national radio stations online from your mobile, although in this case it is not content that we can send to the Chromecast.

TDTChannels is a completely legal application, since it does not store or modify any content and only shows the channels that can be seen free on television. It also shows no advertising and is maintained solely through donations.

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