8 Ways Apps And Tools Can Help Airbnb Hosts

In recent times, Airbnb has emerged as a powerful platform connecting hosts with travelers from all over the world. But welcoming strangers into your home can be an overwhelming experience, especially for those who don’t rely too much on technology.

Apps And Tools Can Help Airbnb Hosts

8 Ways Apps And Tools Can Help Airbnb Hosts

The responsibilities of an Airbnb host are multifaceted, and a few apps can help property owners elevate their hosting game.

These apps help you manage bookings, secure your property, clean your rentals, manage your finances, and screen potential guests automatically.

With a little planning and effort, even non-tech-savvy Airbnb hosts can successfully manage their properties and provide guests with a great experience. Here’s how technology lets you navigate the world of Airbnb hosting with ease.

1. Property Management

If you struggle to manage multiple listings effectively, invest in property management software to improve your Airbnb rental business.

They offer features like automated messages, inventory management, and financial tracking to make your business more efficient. With these apps, you can easily enhance the customer experience and manage your rentals.

2. Airbnb Cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining your rental property is important to remain active on Airbnb. Clean and well-kept properties are bound to be chosen by guests and generate positive reviews. After all, Airbnb expects all hosts to stick to the strictest health and hygiene standards.

Technology can help you effectively maintain a clean property and leave a great first impression on customers.

One of the best apps for Airbnb cleaning is ResortCleaning, a professional housekeeping software that can make both property maintenance and housekeeping a lot easier for you. Here’s how.

  • Ensures proper scheduling of cleaning services and allows you to keep track of your staff
  • Can create custom inspection checklists that are available to your housekeeping staff
  • Offers integrated invoicing and payroll to keep on top of your bookkeeping
  • Powerful inventory management

3. Pricing Optimization

Pricing optimization can be challenging for Airbnb hosts, particularly the ones operating in competitive environments. You don’t want to overcharge, but charging less than the fair price is unacceptable, too.

However, using various tools can help you adjust your rental rates based on these factors: demand, local events, seasonal changes, holiday predictions, and competitor pricing.

Automate your pricing so your properties are booked at the right time at the most reasonable rates.

4. Guest Screening

As an Airbnb host, you may have received your fair share of annoying guests. It’s estimated that some percentage of guests you’ll encounter during your Airbnb hosting experience will leave a bad impression. But there are a few apps that can help you screen potential guests properly for extra safety.

Some apps use advanced algorithms and efficient databases to verify potential guests to identify problematic individuals.

Since Airbnb doesn’t screen guests comprehensively, use these applications to verify a guest’s identity and check their reviews from previous stays. That’s how you can easily minimize disruptive incidents on your property.

5. Guest Communication

Effective communication is the hallmark of a superhost. Airbnb’s messaging platform has some drawbacks that can be overcome by using other apps and tools available on the market.

These apps respond to your guests’ repetitive questions, accept their booking requests automatically, and send a digital welcome guide straight to their smartphones.

6. Keyless entry

Many Airbnb hosts are implementing keyless entry features to make their properties more customer-friendly. Exchanging keys can be a hassle for both hosts and guests.

However, self-check-in options will enhance security and convenience for your clients. Guests can now check-in and out via their phones.

You can generate unique codes for every guest and change them for a new tenant.

7. Listing Optimization

If you want to fine-tune your listing details for better visibility across different platforms, then invest in a relevant app.

Some applications provide you with relevant insights into the local market, letting you update your listings on different booking websites. Optimizing these listings will help you stand out from the crowd and get better rankings on search engines.

So, use technology to market your Airbnb hosting services more efficiently online.

8. Review Management

Reputation matters a lot for Airbnb hosts, and a bad rating can damage their business. However, you can manage your reputation online by monitoring and responding to guest reviews on time. A few apps will help hosts stay on top of feedback efficiently.

You can promptly address a guest’s concerns, thereby showcasing your commitment to excellence. An Airbnb host who responds to criticism quickly and positively will also attract more clients.


If you want to streamline your Airbnb hosting experience and make it more profitable, then invest in streamlining your processes through apps.

These simple technological solutions will help you improve your pricing, screen all the guests, optimize current listings, communicate with guests, and keep a clean property all the time.

Buying these apps, therefore, empowers hosts to survive and thrive in this competitive realm.

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