7 Ways School ERP Enhances Teacher’s Productivity

As education is becoming more and more digitally advanced and fast-paced, the need and demands of students and parents are also increasing from the schools and teachers.

School ERP Enhances Teacher’s Productivity
School ERP Enhances Teacher’s Productivity

7 Ways School ERP Enhances Teacher’s Productivity

This encourages teachers to upgrade themselves because today’s teaching is not just about reciting chapters and giving homework; teachers need to go the extra mile to make the learning experience better for students.

And as online learning has become a new normal, teachers need to upskill their technical skills and learn to use systems like the ERP and student admission management system.

These technologies and tools are being used to teach students virtually and in hybrid mode. And although these are to make the learning experience better for students, educational technology like ERP helps teachers a lot.

ERP makes the work of teachers much easier and enhances their productivity rate. Now, you will ask how so. In this article, you will get to know how school ERP improves teachers’ productivity.

Attendance gets Automated:

Taking attendance manually is an important and time-consuming task for every teacher. In offline classes, teachers take attendance manually by doing the roll call and marking attendance in the register. However, doing the same in an online class can be a bit more time-consuming.

But with the use of ERP which has an attendance management system, it takes automatic attendance to every student who log-into online classes. And during offline classes, student’s attendance can be marked through fingerprinting or tagging school ID at the entrance gate.

Communicate Seamlessly:

Communication plays a big role, teachers constantly need to be in touch with students, other teachers, school administrators, and parents.

To make this communication seamless and swift teachers can use an ERP communication system. They can send emails, messages, and notifications to anyone they want and from anywhere.

This makes it easier for them to notify students about important notices, discuss lesson plans with school administrators, and much more.

Create Timetables Easily:

Like attendance, creating a timetable and lesson plans is also one of the tasks teachers need to do.

Usually creating timetables and lesson plans takes time and planning and needs to be written manually. With the help of an automatic timetable planner, teachers can create timetables easily and the best part is they can be edited.

Teachers can edit the timetable according to changes in events and it also has a scheduled timetable in advance. This makes it easier for teachers to work on other tasks and improves their productivity.

Give Quick Feedback:

The teacher’s work is not just to teach but to guide students too, to correct them whenever they make mistakes. ERP helps teachers in this task too, using the communication system of ERP teachers can write personalized feedback to the students.

This will make it easier for teachers to clear students’ doubts at once without students needing to ask again and again.

Automated Grading System:

Grading papers are also another task that is time-consuming for teachers and takes a lot of effort. However, ERP’s automated grading system is there for teachers which makes it a lot easier for them to grade papers and assignments in less time and with more accuracy.

And teachers don’t even have to worry about distributing and recording students’ scores manually. As once the grading is done the automatic grading system records their marks in the student information system.

Create Attractive Lessons:

Students love to learn from good visuals, reading from plain boring texts bores them. Teachers can create visually impressive online lessons and video lectures using customizable templates provided by ERP software.

These templates not only attract learners to stay engaged in learning, but it also makes it easier for teachers to create better learning content. This saves their time and improves productivity as they don’t have to spend hours searching templates online.

Keep Documents Organized:

Teachers have to work on a lot of paperwork throughout the day, from creating lesson plans to recording academic documents, and keeping all these documents offline can become unorganized.

But the best school ERP software makes it all easier, as using the cloud storage system teachers can keep all academic records of students safe and organized in one place.

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