Top 5 Online Domain Authority Checkers

If you haven’t heard about Domain Authority then there is no need to worry because I got it covered. Well, if you ever Flip website or marketed an immediate ad on your own blog, you would know that SEO-oriented customers are absolutely considering the metrics like Domain Authority and Page Authority.

The reason why Domain Authority is considered very important is that websites with higher domain authority rank are higher on google. Then, those with less Domain Authority. Domain Authority checker simply computes the potency of a whole site.  There are a lot of Domain Authority checker tools that provide detailed details of the site.

Top 5 Online Domain Authority Checkers
Top 5 Online Domain Authority Checkers

Top 5 Online Domain Authority Checkers

But what I have discovered is that lots of webmasters and bloggers do not have any clue about these free Domain Authority checker tools. Thus, to alleviate the pain, here is the list of free domain tools.  And after you understand your siteDomain Authority score, it is going to be rather simple to proceed further and boost it by enhancing the general website SEO score.

Here is the list of 5 websites that provide the information regarding DAand PA


W3era Checks your site’s ability for you and offers you a score (0 to 100), the given number indicates the chance of being displayed by the Search Engines at the most appropriate place at the SERP.  The greater the number the greater the capability of having a higher position.

DA Checker Toolis extremely beneficial and simple, the most important thing required is your website URL that you want to evaluate and the website will do the rest for you. After assessing the Domain Name the tool will return with domain authority rating.

It can also work as a Bulk DA checker. This website provides the score which will be helpful in quantifying the validity of your site.  Not only advantageous to learn the domain name authority, but DA score can help you concentrate on bad links too.

Project Backlinks

Project Backlinks

This Domain Authority tool developed by project backlink. It provides free access for checking.  If you do not wish to sign up to a website or undergo the first account set up before assessing your Domain Authority, then this tool is right for you. It takes a couple of moments to provide you domain authority, page authority.

The website is connected to MOZ. Which is a very powerful and accurate tool. The website is quite simple and can easily be navigated. The person who wants a rapid result should prefer this website. It also provides tips on how to improve websiteDA.


This website is among the most reliable DA and PA checker tool. This assists marketers, bloggers, and SEO experts in performing competitive analysis, rank evaluation, and site monitoring. Domain authority has a direct influence on search engine optimization and the natural health of the website.

When a website begins to get traction through social networking traffic, and SEO, the components like Page Authority and Domain Authority begin to get much better.

The more a website performs better in search, the greater the chances to enhance the Domain Authority. It also comes in extension for chrome which makes it quite easier for users to know about the website.

It also provides a Spam Score of the website.  There is also a detailed summary on the website on how to increase the website ranking by increasing the domain Authority and Page Authority of the website

Seo Wagon

SEO Wagon is a Free Domain Authority Checker tool for customers without a captcha code. SEO Wagon is permitted to useDA Checker and gives a free assessment of Domain Authority and Moz Ranks alongside PA Checks as well. You can assess up to 200 regions in only one go.

This device for assessing DA also provides you with the upside of downloading the CSV record for your documents or checks. No customer sign up needed and simple to use. The user interface of the website is also very good and it provides a bunch of other services as well. This website is a complete package for bloggers.

Counting Character

Domain Authority Checker has always been easy with Counting Character.

It is one of the most useful and important SEO tools that you must not ignore. The great thing about Counting Character is, it allows you to check Domain Authority and Page Authority with just one click.

Whereas, there is a limitation as it cannot process URL in bulk. Well, other than this you don’t have to fill or enter any captcha or registration form. The website also contains some remarkable tools that are very hard to find on one website.


You have gone through a listing of the finestDomain Authority assessing sites. Most of the websites are free to use and can provide you with very quick and rapid information regarding your website.

Though MOZ established this domain name authority metric to present the domain authority score and its domain authority metric is broadly popular today.

Today, you have a listing of different domain authority assessing tools. Select your preferred one and have a look at your site’s domain authority straight away.

However, before leaving this site, read on this since the end is vital.

Trust Flow is important in ranking too. It is about the quality of the site. In case if a link pointing to a site is qualitative and authoritative, then there is very likely to maximize your traffic stream.  Well, building quality or trust is rather hard.

No matter how you build links. For the linking approach, there is always a directory along with other types of backlinks which aren’t so qualitative. Well, they are regarded as spam scores.

Spam score informs a whole lot on your site.  If your site has more irrelevant links, then there is a very good probability you will get penalized. The less the spam rating, the greater the opportunities to rate higher.

Do let us know which tool you like most and why?

Digital Check-up Website Tips to Increase Online Business

Digital Check-up Website: The huge potential of the online market is certainly very tempting. For business people who want to start or switch to an online business, there are usually two digital assets that are often used to market their products/services, namely websites and social media.

A website is a representation and gateway for business. What they see and how they interact will determine the success or failure of a website and online business.

Digital Check-up Website Tips to Increase Online Business
Digital Check-up Website Tips to Increase Online Business

Digital Check-up Website Tips to Increase Online Business

“Many business people are conducting campaigns with large investment values ​​and are busy being talked about, but the campaign has not yielded profitable business returns,” Ryan said.

At the end of 2019, the party is inviting entrepreneurs working in online businesses to conduct digital check-ups of the main digital assets they have, namely the website. This is so that the marketing strategy can provide maximum results in the year 2020.

What are the benchmarks of the effectiveness of a website? How to measure it? Here are tips from Ryan Gondokusumo in conducting basic digital check-ups for the website:

1. Pay attention to the speed of opening the website (website load speed)

To present a shopping experience for potential buyers, businesses need to first pay attention to the speed of loading a page. It is unfortunate when a prospective buyer has been attracted by products offered through campaigns on social media but does not make transactions because the website is slow or difficult to access.

According to GT Metrix, the ideal website opening speed is under 6.8 seconds. To maximize speed, businesses need to ensure that the file size contained in web pages is as small as possible so that it does not burden prospective buyers.

One of the tools that can be used to make measurements is the GT Metrix which can be accessed at

2. Evaluate and update website security

Make sure your website has an SSL Certificate so that your personal information, credit card transactions, data transfers and data logins are maintained. Regular backups also need to be done to maintain website security. In addition, use a password with a variety of combinations and update it regularly.

3. Website design and content that represents the business brand

It is important to have a website design and content that represents your brand. Make sure that your website reflects and conveys the message about your business clearly in a language that is easily understood by the target consumer.

4. Check the completeness of the website components

A website can be said to be optimal if it can carry out its functions properly. First of all, business people need to first decide what the website is for, whether to transact, interact, or simply collect contact leads which will then be followed up offline.

In general, a good website has the following components:

Contact leads collection tools

For products with high value such as property and motor vehicles, sometimes transactions via the website are not ideal because online transactions for such a large value are not commonly done.

For that, what businesses can do through their website is to collect contact information (contact leads) which can then be followed up offline.

Live chat feature

Internet users in Indonesia tend to prefer asking questions rather than reading. Therefore it is very important to have a live chat feature on the website.

Business people also need to pay attention to using local languages ​​in accordance with the language used by the intended target consumers.

WhatsApp contact information and e-mail address

The market in Indonesia is currently not 100% confident with transactions that are fully carried out online. Therefore, we recommend buying products with prices above IDR 500 thousand, it is necessary to choose to contact via WhatsApp and email to be able to convince potential buyers to transact.

If possible, business people can complete the call center facilities that can be contacted by prospective buyers.

Optimized access via smartphone

About 35 percent of website visitors come from smartphone applications. Oftentimes we visit a website from a smartphone application and the website design that was originally good on the computer looks messy on a smartphone device. This should be avoided and you should make your website design look good for smartphone applications too.

After you have done a basic digital check-up of the four points above, the next step is to strengthen the website. For this reason, it is necessary to discuss with the IT team and the digital content team or be able to consult with website creation services agencies.

So that the business website is more effective and accommodating for the target consumers and provides maximum results.

How to Capture Full Page with Mozilla with 3 Methods

Capture Full Page with Mozilla: Did you know that you can make a full-page screenshot with Mozilla without having to install additional applications or add-ons because you only need to use the features that already exist in the web browser?

How to Capture Full Page with Mozilla with 3 Methods
How to Capture Full Page with Mozilla with 3 Methods

Making capture or taking screenshots is sometimes necessary when we want to save certain parts of the web page that we are currently opening so that later we can look back offline because the file will be saved in the exact image format png.

Although there are indeed other ways to save web pages so they can be read again without having to connect to the internet by saving the web to pdf format, it all comes back to personal needs or tastes, and for those who prefer to make screenshots without additional applications in Mozilla then please follow the following guide.

3 Ways to capture full page with Mozilla

The following are some methods for saving a full one-page web page in image format with a screenshot via the Mozilla Firefox web browser, please choose the one that is considered the easiest.

# 1 – First way: Use the command

  1. Open the webpage that we want to capture with Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Press Shift + F2 together then it will appear on the status bar.
  3. Type the screenshot [filename] [options] command. For example screenshot, page1.png-full page or can also screenshot homepage.jpg-full page if you want the results saved in JPG format then press ENTER.
  4. Now the results are rough as shown in the picture above after the screenshot process is complete the preview will appear and the description of the location of the file storage results is the same as the download folder settings on Mozilla Firefox on the PC.
Capture Full Page with Mozilla
Capture Full Page with Mozilla

# 2 – Using firefox screenshots

  1. First, update Mozilla Firefox to the latest version of at least version 55.
  2. Then open the web page that will be made a screenshot.
  3. Click the Firefox Screenshots icon located on the toolbar.
  4. Then click the initial area where we want to capture, then drag the screenshot box to the bottom of the web page and click Save or Download.

# 3 – Use the mozilla toolbox

  1. Right-click on an empty area on the web page that we are currently open and select Inspect element.
  2. Then look on the right side then click the gear icon (gear) to open the Toolbox Options.
  3. The next step in the Available Toolbox Button, check the Take a screenshot of the entire page. So the camera icon will appear next to the gear icon.
  4. Finally, to take a screenshot how to click the camera icon and it will be saved directly in image format (PNG) and the location of the file is in the Mozilla download folder.

Note: Steps 2 and 3 only need to be done once because if you have activated the feature then to capture enough inspect element then select the camera icon.

So some ways to make a full-page screenshot in Mozilla without additional software or applications that I know and have tried, good luck. Alternatively, if the above method is considered too complicated, you can try making a screenshot online.

How to Activate Ads.txt

Activate Ads.txt: Does the front page of your Adsense get a notification message ” Your earnings are at risk – you need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid a serious impact on your income.” To overcome this, simply install and activate Ads.txt on your blog, but how do you do it? Check out this article further.

How to Activate Ads.txt
How to Activate Ads.txt

Before you leave to find out how to activate ads.txt on your blog. Make sure you already know what ads.txt is and how ads.txt works for your blog. Here’s a brief review of ads.txt that you should know about.

What is Ads.txt on Adsense?

Authorized Digital Sellers or abbreviated as ads.txt is a file that can mark your website as an official partner of Google Adsense. Ads.txt comes from the IAB initiative to ensure that digital advertising on your website is genuine from adsense.

By installing and activating ads.txt on a blog, you can ensure to advertisers that your website or blog is an official partner of Adsense. That way, they will not worry about placing ads on Google Adsense to display to your blog.

Although installing ads.txt on a blog is not a mandatory thing to do, it is strongly recommended that you install ads.txt on a blog. The ads.txt file can also help your website or blog be trusted and not be considered a careless blog.

Moreover, if you get an appeal message on the front page of your adsense to install ads.txt on your blog, you must immediately activate ads.txt on your blog. This is intended so that adsense ads still appear on your blog without any problem.

There are two different ways to activate ads.txt. First, you can install ads.txt for users, while the second, if you are a wordpress or other CMS user accessed through the panel.

How to Activate Ads.txt on Blogger

To install and activate ads.txt in blogger is a very easy job. In blogger itself already provides these features, so it will not be a difficult thing for you.

Here’s how to activate ads.txt in blogger:

  1. Open the Adsense web, then take your Pub-number code .
  2. Go to your blog through the blogger panel.
  3. Select the Settings menu and then click the Search Preferences option .
  4. Click Edit on the special robots.txt at the bottom.
  5. Select Yes to enable special robots.txt content?
  6. Fill in the fields below it with the following code, pub-angka, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0(fill in the pub-numbers with your own)
  7. Finally, click the Save changes button .

Now you only need to wait a few hours for the warning on the adsense dashboard to disappear. You don’t need to worry about the warning because it doesn’t bother you anymore.

How to Install Ads.txt on WordPress

How to activate ads.txt on wordpress might be the same as in other CMS like joomla, drupal, and many others. Because basically you only have enough access to the domain root file through the panel to install your ads.txt.

Follow the steps below to install ads.txt on WordPress:

  1. Go to the Adsense website, then take your Pub-number code .
  2. Open notepad on the computer, then fill it with, pub-angka, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0then save it with the name ads.
  3. Enter the panel, then select the File Manager option .
  4. Make sure you are in public_html then upload the ads.txt that you have created.
  5. Ads.txt has been successfully installed, you can check ads.txt via

After that, you only need to wait for a warning on the adsense account is missing. If the code in ads.txt is correct and correct, you can be sure that the warning will disappear soon.

How to Overcome the Ads.txt Warning on Adsense

Maybe you will feel confused because you have successfully installed and activated ads.txt on the blog, but why there are still ads.txt warnings that appear on your adsense page.

Google Adsense needs some time to complete your changes. So, just wait a few days for your adsense to adjust ads.txt that has been successfully installed on the blog, and then surely the warning will disappear by itself.

However, if you warn ads.txt with the message ” Your earnings are at risk – you need to fix some of the ads.txt file issues to avoid a serious impact on your income. “It still appears on your adsense page, try to check what web sites need to be fixed.

The trick is to just click the Fix now option in the warning. Then you will automatically be taken to the Site menu of your Adsense. It is possible that there is a website that has not installed ads.txt in the domain.

If indeed the domain is no longer active or may not be accessible again, try removing it from your adsense site list. Simply by clicking on the domain, then select the Delete button to delete the site in AdSense.

Similarly, a tutorial on how to activate Ads.txt on blogspot and wordpress blogs via cpanel. Hopefully useful and good luck!

How to Use Anonymox Extension in Browser

Anonymox is one of the add-ons or extensions for the Google Chrome browser and Mozilla Firefox which can help you as a VPN to open government-blocked websites easily and for free. How to use anonymox and install it is also very easy, if you still don’t know it, you will find the answer in this article.

How to Use Anonymox Extension in Browser
How to Use Anonymox Extension in Browser

In general, VPNs are often used to open websites that are blocked by the government. Usually this blocked website will automatically redirect to a positive internet page so that you cannot access the website.

It turns out anonymox is also one way to open websites that are blocked easily because anonymox is just an additional add-on from the browser.

By using anonymox, you can change your IP easily. Unlike the VPN application in general, which is quite large, anonymox is only about 1MB in size and you can directly install anonymox just by using a browser on a laptop/computer.

Aside from being a VPN, Anonymox also has other features that are quite useful to disguise your identity when surfing the internet. What are they? The following features of Anonymox:

  • Disguising identity when surfing the internet.
  • It can change IP easily and without restrictions.
  • The state server provided is quite a lot.
  • Can open a website that is blocked by the Minister of Communication and Information.
  • Clears browser cookies automatically.

Although the features provided are quite a lot, how to use Anonymox itself is very easy. The appearance of anonymox is also very simple, making it easier for users.

How to Install Anonymox

For more details on how to use Anonymox and how to install Anonymox in the browser, please read further below. Make sure you follow the guidelines that match the browser you are using.

1. How to use Anonymox on Google Chrome

How to install anonymox on Google Chrome will not take a long time. Because anonymox on Google Chrome only measures 400KB.

How to install anonymox on Google Chrome:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your computer/laptop.
  2. Then go to the anonymox chrome web store page.
  3. Click the Add to Chrome button then Add extension in the pop-up that appears.
  4. Wait for the anonymox installation process to complete, if it will appear at the top.
  5. Click the Anonymox icon to open, you can activate it at any time and choose a server from the country provided for free.

2. How to use Anonymox in Mozilla Firefox

How to use Anonymox on Mozilla Firefox is very easy and not much different from Anonymox for Google Chrome. You are free to choose the server from which country you are using for your Mozilla Firefox browser.

How to install Anonymox on Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Open the Mozilla Firefox browser on your computer/laptop.
  2. Go to the Anonymox mozilla firefox extension page.
  3. Click the Add to Firefox button.
  4. Then click Add on the pop-up that appears.
  5. After installing anonymox is complete, you can immediately access it by clicking on the anonymox logo at the top.

Anonymox VPN can be used freely and without restrictions to access the internet. But if you feel slow when activating anonymox, you can change the country in the anonymox menu section with a better connection.

Thus the article about how to use Anonymox and how to install in chrome and Mozilla browsers. Anonymox can be a solution as a VPN to open blocked websites/positive internet easily. Good luck!

How to Use Spell Checker: Complete Guide

Spell Checker: How many times have you written a message or post on social networks, only to regret it because it is chock full of spelling and grammatical errors ? These kinds of mistakes can happen to anyone, even out of sheer carelessness, but they are no less embarrassing for this.

How to Use Spell Checker: Complete Guide
How to Use Spell Checker: Complete Guide

How to Use Spell checker: Complete Guide

To distinguish yourself from the mass of users who write “belly” without ever re-reading or checking if everything is written correctly, you can use a very comfortable  spelling checker among those suggested in this article . These handy tools analyze the text, indicating where there are any errors and also indicating what is wrong and how to correct it.

Important is only not to confuse one word with another, for example if you wrongly write ” home ” instead of ” chance ” you will not find any corrector that can help you, as both words are correct! Always try to reread the content you are about to publish even after checking with the online correctors, because the simplest errors are often the most difficult to notice.

The different types of errors

Below is a brief explanation of some mistakes that can be made:

  • Grammatical error : grammar means precisely the art of speaking and writing correctly. This is divided into three basic sections, which are: phonetics, morphology and syntax. Spelling, lexical and semantic errors are not part of it.
  • Spelling mistake : indicates a correct way of writing. It includes a set of rules to be respected in order to write well. Specifically, it refers to the right way to use consonants, uppercase, lowercase letters, right accentuation and more.
  • Lexical error : occurs when we use an inappropriate or improperly or distorted word, such as the use of one word instead of another or the invention of non-existent words.
  • Syntactic error : it is committed when there is an incorrect or functional concatenation of the parts of the speech (to better understand the logical analysis: subject, predicate and various complements). It also includes the failure to use articles and prepositions.
  • Semantic error : refers to the meaning of words and is committed when when you say one thing for another. For example, when we use a word that has a meaning that does not reflect what we actually think it means.

Without this due explanation we now turn to the different spell checkers available.

Online Spell Checker

In this paragraph we will show you the best online services, starting from what we consider the best spelling checker in Italy  and beyond (also English, Spanish, German and other 23 different languages):

The first site we recommend you use as an online spelling checker is  LanguageTool. To use the site, simply write or paste the text you intend to use; grammatical and spelling errors will be immediately highlighted, so that they can be corrected immediately.

The service is free for the first 20,000 characters to be checked, then a subscription is required in order to continue using it. For those who want even more integrated control, you can download the extension for Google Chrome from the following link.

Google Chrome extension  LanguageTool

An alternative site to the previous ones, even if a little full of advertising is  Prepostseo. In addition to allowing you to check for spelling errors on a text, Prepostseo also allows you to upload a text file to be checked. Compatible text file types are .doc, .docx, .pdf, and .txt. To check the text, simply click on the ” Check grammar ” button at the bottom to highlight the errors to be corrected.

In addition to the Italian language, there are 27 other languages, which allows you to correct spelling errors also in foreign languages ​​and the possibility through ” Auto-detect ” to automatically understand the language of the inserted text.

Spell checker for Chrome browser

On modern browsers a good spelling checker is integrated, which often uses the Internet connection to improve the accuracy of the results. On Google Chrome, you can activate the spelling checker by right-clicking on any text field, reaching the ” Check spelling ” menu and activating the item ” Check spelling in text fields “.

Always remember to make sure that the Italian language is selected for the correction. For more accurate control you can also activate the item ” Ask Google for suggestions ” when available.

For the Firefox browser instead, open the settings menu that you find at the top right represented by three horizontal lines one above the other. Then click on ” Options ” and in the ” General ” tab you will find scrolling down the ” Language ” section where you will have to tick the ” Spell checker while typing ” item.

Spell checker on Word and other Office programs

To perform a spelling and grammar check on word in the file, just press ” F7 ” or go to the ” Revision ” tab on the ribbon, by clicking on ” Check spelling ” or ” Check spelling and grammar “.

If the application detects spelling errors, a dialog box appears with the first misspelled word that was detected by the spelling checker.

You can fix the spelling mistake either by editing it or ignoring it or by adding the word to the dictionary.

Android spell checker

On Android smartphones, practically any keyboard integrates spell checking. To activate it, simply go to the settings of the same, looking for the menu item ” System ” and inside it “Language and input”. Within this menu, select the type of keyboard in use, in our case ” Gboard “.

If you do not use any type of third-party keyboard, you can find the enabling of the spelling correction in ” Other input method settings “. Not for all Android smartphones, these paths are the same, as there are various Android customizations adopted by each manufacturer.

If you use Gboard inside its menu you will find the ” Text Correction ” and then ” Spell Check “. By enabling the latter, you will be notified of misspelled words while typing.

IOS spell checker

On iOS devices such as the iPhone the spelling checker is integrated into the standard keyboard, you just have to be careful to activate it in the settings of the same (Settings -> General -> Keyboard and activate the item ” Check spelling “)

How to Block a Website or IP Page Using PowerShell

Block a Website or IP: There are many websites on the Internet. We have millions of websites in all languages ​​and with a wide range of topics. There may be times when we are interested in blocking a specific site. We want it to not open when you open your browser and enter your address.

We can do this in different ways. For example, we may use third-party firewalls and other tools. This will prevent our system from accessing a specific site. However, the operating system itself also has the tools to achieve the same goal in a simple and fast way.
That’s where PowerShell comes into play. We can use it to take a series of steps and block access to both a specific website and an IP address. You just need to do some simple actions that we will explain.

How to Block a Website or IP Page Using PowerShell
How to Block a Website or IP Page Using PowerShell

How to Block a Website or IP Page Using PowerShell

We’ll explain how to block the IP address of a webpage from PowerShell. Keep in mind that we can block a specific IP or a number of addresses. The first thing we do is start , write PowerShell and run it as an administrator.

The command to be executed is as follows:

New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName -Block IP address -Direction Outbound -LocalPort Any -Protocol TCP -Action Block -RemoteAddress ADDRESS

From this command, you only need to change two things: NAME and ADDRESS. In the title you must specify the website, domain; We will list the IP addresses of this website to the address. Later we will only have to give it to execute and the process will begin.

In our example, we tested a random site that we found on the Internet. The goal was simply to prove that it worked properly. Once launched, we can open Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any browser to see if the page loads. As shown in the figure below, a message will appear.

We can also access the Internet Windows firewall and check the output rules to make sure it is properly blocked. The page we’ve chosen to block appears. You can even right-click it to disable the rule. This way, we will be able to access this site again without any problems. The change is immediate.
In short, by following these steps, we can block access to any domain on the Internet in a simple way. It’s basically the same as creating a rule in Windows Firewall.

In this case, however, just run the code we mentioned, change the parameters and that’s it. We will no longer have to waste time creating rules of any kind.

As previously reported, we can also access the operating system firewall to check if the rule or rules that you created were actually saved.

In this way, we can ensure that they are really active. We can always cancel the action, and this way we can access the site we decided to block at the time.

Remember that this block will be present in every browser. It’s not something that can only affect Google Chrome or the main browser we use, but it will be present in anything we install. Finally, our system blocks access to this site or IP address.

How to Check Plagiarism For Your Website

Check Plagiarism: Plagiarism is indeed very detrimental to the person who made the work. So that we avoid plagiarism we can use this check plagiarism method. Plagiarism is an act of imitation which is done by a person or group of other people’s work as a whole. Then the rich are claimed as his own work.

A work is labeled as plagiarism if the level of similarity of the work reaches more than 80%. Plagiarism is also an act of theft in the form of ideas. Nowadays, plagiarism is mostly found in written form. Posts are indeed very vulnerable to plagiarism.

How to Check Plagiarism For Your Website
How to Check Plagiarism For Your Website

Because technically plagiarism examination in written form is very difficult to do. Besides being a difficult reference to obtain. The examination time is also quite long because I have to make sure the source of the writing is taken. Not to mention whether these sources can be accounted for or not.

How to Check Plagiarism For Your Website

Especially with the rapid advancement of technology today. Writing, of course, more easily to be obtained from the internet. Fortunately, application developers also see this as a form to fight acts of plagiarism.

Where the application developers make an application to check the level of plagiarism. Here are some ways that we can do to check plagiarism.

1. SmallSEOtools

The first way is to use a website called SmallSEOtools.

Aside from being a website, SmallSEOtools is also available as a desktop or mobile application.

This application is of course a mainstay of bloggers because of its convenience and quite a lot of features.

How to use SmallSEOtools:

  1. Open a web browser then visit SmallSEOtools.
  2. After that select the plagiarism checker section.
  3. A page will appear to check the level of plagiarism. Here there is a word limit that we can enter which amounts to 1000 words. If we have more than 1000 words written, then we must divide the writing.
  4. Next copy and paste our paper into the box provided. Or you can also import the written work in Word.
  5. After that, click Check Plagiarism.
  6. Later there will be a color indicator that shows the level of plagiarism. If it is green, then the writing is free from plagiarism. If it is red, then the writing contains plagiarism.
  7. Amazingly we can find the source of plagiarism by clicking on the text.

2. Plagscan

Next is to use Plagscan. Same is the case with the previous site. This site can also be used to check the plagiarism level of a paper.

How to use Plagscan:

  1. Open the Plagscan site using a browser.
  2. After that we have to create an account first.
  3. After we create an account, we will be directed to a page to check for plagiarism.
  4. Here we can check plagiarism using 3 ways. First is to copy paste. Second, by importing files. And the third is to copy the writing web link. Choose one of the 3 methods.
  5. After that click Check to start the checking process.
  6. After the process is complete, a report will appear. Click report.
  7. There will be shown which writing indicated plagiarism. If it is red, the writing is indicated as plagiarism. If we click the red text. Then we will be redirected to the web page from plagiarism.

But unfortunately, the free version has a credit limit of 20 credits. If the credit runs out, we must use the paid version to be able to use it.

3. Copyscape

The third is to use Copyscape. Copyscape is a web-based application that we can use to check plagiarism.

In addition to detecting plagiarism in writing, this application can also detect sites that are indicated plagiarism.

But to be able to use these features is not free. We must use the paid version of the application. While the free version can only be used to check plagiarism in writing only.

How to use it is also quite easy. If we have a paper that we have uploaded on a website.

Copy the website address then paste it in the box provided. Then a page will appear containing any links that have the potential to be a source of plagiarism.

4. Unicheck

The next way to check for plagiarism is to use Unicheck. Unicheck is a plagiarism detection application that is similar to turnitin. The main advantage of this application is that it can search for sources on the internet up to 16 billion pages.

But we can only use this application for free for 14 days. In addition, the number of words that can be checked is limited to 275 words.

5. Plagiarism Checker

The site that provides the next plagiarism check service is Plagiarism Checker. By using this site we can detect our writing whether there is plagiarism or not.

We can use this application easily and of course it’s free. This site will look for posts that are similar to ours both on Google and Yahoo.

6. Dustball

The next site is Dustball. With this dustball site, we can detect our writing whether there are similarities with other writings on the internet or not.

So by using this site, we can avoid plagiarism. If there are similarities with other writings then we should replace our writing.

7. PlagTracker

Next is This site can be used online to detect the level of plagiarism. We will get a plagiarism report that is accompanied by a source link from writing that has the potential as plagiarism.

Besides this application, we can also use for free. We can enter up to 5000 words. If we want more features, we can become premium members. That way we can enjoy the report automatically and of course there are no word restrictions that we can check.

8. Viper Anti Plagiarism Scanner

Different from before. Viper Anti Plagiarism Scanner is a desktop-based application. So to be able to use it we must first install this application on our computer. After that, register so that we can use this application. By using this application, there will be about 10 billion sources of writing as a comparison of the writing that we check.

9. Writecheck

This Writecheck application is quite interesting to use. Not only to detect plagiarism. This application can also be used to detect errors in spelling or what we are familiar with typo. How to use it is also not much different from the others.

We can upload the document file that we will check. The file can be in the form of Word, PDF, RTF, HTML, and others. We will get a report that is accompanied by a link from the source of the plagiarism.

Although this application is very interesting, but unfortunately to be able to use it we are required to pay.

10. DupliChecker

The last service we can use is DupliChecker. This site can be used easily to detect plagiarism. We can copy and paste the text we want to check or can also write the URL address of the text.

After that, a link will automatically appear that has the potential to perform plagiarism actions. But unfortunately to be able to use this application. We are required to pay in full in advance.

If we don’t want to pay, then we can use the free version. However, of course the free version has certain limitations. One of them is we can only enter words with a maximum limit of 1500 words.

11. Plagiarism Checker by SearchEngineReports

The plagiarism checker on this platform is one of the finest tools to check for plagiarism. It’s a web-based tool that identifies plagiarism from any text by checking it deeply against billions of webpages content available on the web. You can access this plagiarism detector by visiting With this tool, you can check 2000 words content in a single go.

Many other tools will provide you only 1000 words limit, but this tool doubles the limit for its users. There is no restriction on how many texts you can check with it in a day or month. Anyone with an internet connection can gain free accessibility to this tool without facing any trouble.

How to Create an Online portfolio Using Behance

Create an Online portfolio: If you need to create portfolios to advertise your service in a simple way, Adobe’s Behance is the ideal tool. 

It can be accessed for free as long as a quick registration is made, either by your email, Apple IDFacebook or Gmail account.

How to Create an Online portfolio Using Behance
How to Create an Online portfolio Using Behance

In addition to hosting the portfolios of visual artists, designers and other professionals, Behance also functions as a social network where you can enjoy your favorite publications and interact with other users. It also helps to find job openings in your area while also showing your creations to contractors. Learn more below:

How to Create an Online portfolio Using Behance

Navigating the main menus

Step 1: Access the Behance website in your web browser. Then click on “Sign up with email” or select the Apple ID, Facebook or Gmail icon to create your account across platforms.

Step 2: Enter your date of birth and click “Update” to start creating your account.

Step 3: select your main areas of interest (eg photography, fashion, sound, game design). Then click on “View my personalized feed”.

Step 4: on the main Behance screen, entitled “For you”, posts are displayed based on your interests. You can follow their authors at any time.

Step 5: in “Descobrir”, other projects featured on the network are shown, especially those that received a greater number of views.

Step 6: The “Live” screen displays videos that are being recorded at that moment, whether they show interesting content or video lessons. To watch one of them, just click on “Watch the live broadcast”.

Step 7: Access the “Profile” tab to make the necessary changes to your account, such as your display photo, professional information, banner image and add projects.

Behance: creating a project

How to Create an Online portfolio Using Behance
How to Create an Online portfolio Using Behance

Step 1: Click on “Create a project” on the website’s home screen. You will be taken to the “Content” page, where you can upload your files, add text, embed URLs, Lightroom photos and even collages.

Step 2: clicking on “Cover”, you define the image that will appear on your Behance profile as a preview of your project. Don’t forget to enter a title for the project. Click on “Cut and continue” to proceed with your creation.

Step 3: Now it’s time to configure your project’s settings in Behance. Inform the categories in which it fits, what software was used, if someone helped you during the creation and, last but not least – the copyright. It is also worth informing whether the image has adult content or not so that Behance can filter it according to the age of users.

Step 4: Click “Save” to leave the project saved as a draft or “Publish” so that it is posted directly to your portfolio.

And you, have you used Behance? What do you think of the site? Tell us in the comments.