Here Are Examples Of Search Engine

Examples of Search Engine: On the internet, there are many types of sites that we can visit with different functions. Wikipedia, for example, functions as a place for knowledge of various things.

Here are Examples of Search Engine
Here are Examples of Search Engine

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are referred to as social networking sites because they are commonly used by users to establish socialization among users.

While sites like Androbuntu, Wikicau, Emojipedia and others are often referred to as news portals because they provide information in the form of the latest news to their readers.

Then, there is one more type of site that we use most often, namely search engines or search engines. As the name suggests, search engines are sites that you can use to search.

Whether it’s a website link, image, video or something else. In this article, I will give a full explanation of what search engines are.

Understanding Search Engine

Understanding search engines is a software that has the ability to search for files on the internet (World Wide Web). The search results are adjusted to the keywords entered by the user, so it is more in accordance with their wishes.

There are tons of search engines circulating on the internet with the same main feature, which is to search for information. But besides that, every search engine is also equipped with special features that make it unique and different.

Search engines are often used by internet users to find information such as sites, images, news, and the like.

Search Engine Function

Search engines function as a kind of “main gate” for someone who wants to find information on the internet. For example, I want to find things related to gadget information, so I just need to enter these keywords in the search engine.

Later, search engines will provide the most relevant results from sites related to these keywords. In addition, search engines are also often used to search for images, videos, or other information.

How Search Engines Work

Each search engine has three important components, namely robots, web crawlers and spiders. All three work together to index as many sites and blogs as possible on the internet.

So when a user enters a keyword in the search field, the search engine can display the most relevant search results. So, how do search engines rank sites in search results?

Of course, every search engine has a different algorithm and continues to be updated every time to improve the results. Google, for example, is known for its frequent algorithm updates and animal-themed names, such as Google Penguin, Google Panda, and Google Hummingbird.

Examples of Search Engines

Currently, there are enough search engines that you can use. Starting from the famous, to maybe you have never heard of his name. The following are some examples of search engines that exist to this day.

1. Google


Most of Androbuntu Friends are certainly familiar with this internet giant. Google is the most popular search engine on planet earth to date.

In addition, Google also has many other integrated services. Call itGmail,YouTube,Google Docs,Google Drive, and many more. No wonder that Google has managed to maintain its users until now.

Google’s search algorithm also updates from time to time, so that it can display accurate and appropriate search results sought by users.

2. DuckDuckGo


The name DuckDuckGo may not be too familiar to some people, but this search engine continues to get the attention of new users.

DDG offers features that are not available in most search engines, namely protected privacy. So, DDG does not store all the information we type in its search engine.

That will make the mind of those who are concerned with privacy calmer. I myself also quite often use DuckDuckGo when looking for writing material for Androbuntu articles or my other blog.

3. Bing


As one of the largest software companies in the world, Microsoft apparently doesn’t want to lose to Google. They also made their own search engine called Bing.

Its function is, of course, the same as search engines in general, namely to search for sites, images, and other information. Bing’s home page is decorated with high-quality images that always change every time we visit it.

4. Yandex


Yandex is a search engine developed by a Russian company, Yandex. In a report, Yandex gets more than 50% of search visits for the territory of the country. So in other words, half the people in Russia use Yandex, instead of other search engines.

Yandex develops the same business model as Google, which integrates its search engine with other services such as Yandex Disk, Video, Email, and others.

5. Yahoo Search

Yahoo Search
Yahoo Search

Yahoo Search could rule the world of search engines a few years ago until finally displaced by Google’s position. That said, nowadays even people who use Yahoo are rarely used.

People use Yahoo’s Email service more than search engines. If you Androbuntu friend, do you still use Yahoo to search for information?


That it was complete information about search engines or Examples of Search Engine, ranging from understanding, functions to examples. Hope you can increase your knowledge.

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