5 Websites That Make Essay Writing Easier For Students

Essay writing is an essential skill in dozens of majors and college programs. Writing an essay successfully takes time, effort, and dedication. When learning how to write essays at a college level, students often find the process difficult. There is much more emphasis on literature reviews, methodologies, and citations than in other writing tasks.

Websites That Make Essay Writing Easier For Students
Websites That Make Essay Writing Easier For Students

Managing all these factors in a way that students receive top marks is difficult. The average college essay writing service might offer some tips on editing and structure, as well as complete your paper for you, although this help can be out of reach for some students on a budget.

5 Websites That Make Essay Writing Easier For Students

On the internet however, there are dozens of useful websites which can help students produce top quality essays. Some are time savers, others are helpful in terms of proper structuring and editing. But what they all have in common is that they make essay writing easier for students.

So here’s a breakdown of the top 5 websites designed to help students facilitate their academic writing journey.

1) Google

Yes, the biggest and most known website in the world is the main helper when it comes to any college essay. The search engine indexes billions of webpages and is available for free – or at least just at the price of your personal information.

Using Google efficiently as a student means going under the hood and using some special phrases and techniques. These techniques are incredibly useful when looking for essay sources.

The most important one in this regard is “filetype:pdf”. By using this search phrase, all the results that come back will be of the PDF filetype. Say, for instance, you need to see if there is a copy of a certain textbook. Simply add the name of the file or a keyword after the “filetype:pdf” and see what comes up.

2) PhDBookBinding

Certain essays need presenting in the most formal and proper format. Dissertations, thesis, and monographs are often needed in hard copy, in duplicate.

A website like PhDBookBinding.com will ensure that your text is given the best treatment possible. There are lots of essay press services out there however, and it’s also worth checking in your institution’s library for any local ones. That said, when time is of the essence, online helpers can turn the job around in no time at all.

Websites That Make Essay Writing Easier For Students
Websites That Make Essay Writing Easier For Students

3) Grammarly

Essays are graded on their content, structure, and the force of arguments. However, there are also marks available for proper formatting, spelling, and grammar. The formatting aspect is really up to you to adhere to unless required by your instructor, but spelling and grammar are not everyone’s forte.

As such, a website like Grammarly can offer assistance. The AI-powered spell-checker is so much more than what is available on Word or on Google Docs.

The text can be tweaked to find the right tone, to nudge you into using active rather than passive voice, and it does all this instantaneously.

Working with your essay on Grammarly makes learning writing skills interactive. There is instant feedback, and even a handy score to provide a metric for quality.

Users should not lose sight of who is really giving them their grade; the service isn’t perfect yet and thus shouldn’t be relied on to get that top mark.

Websites That Make Essay Writing Easier For Students
Websites That Make Essay Writing Easier For Students

4) Freedom

While not strictly a website, Freedom is an app that helps to stop procrastination. Several years ago, websites were the go-to solution for the procrastination problem; however, with the advent of powerful smartphones, apps have taken over.

Available as a browser add-on and as a smartphone app, Freedom, amongst others, can stop you from idly scrolling through torrents of ‘entertainment’ when you’re meant to be working on that report essay.

It’s estimated that the average college student spends 8-10 hours a day on their smartphone, which is an insanely high number – that’s more than most people sleep in 24 hours.

Aside from the cultural problems this amount of media consumption brings, personal problems are severe too. Yet, using apps like Freedom can reduce stress, anxiety, and promote better mental health.

5) SearchEngineReports

SearchEngineReports is an essential tool for students who know their work will be checked by their professors. Plagiarism can occur intentionally and unintentionally, so it is best to have some service available to help spot errors before they escalate into something serious.

Simply copy and paste the segments you wish to check on to their website and let it analyze them. Then, SearchEngineReports will provide a percentage of how much is not up to scratch.

Of course, some quotations will be verbatim, but in this case, the website can act as a useful reminder to double-check all your sources and citations.

Overall, the websites mentioned above provide useful services for essay writing students. Google is almost limitless in it’s power, Grammarly can help dot the i’s and cross the t’s, while other websites can help us beat negative human traits – laziness and procrastination.

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In addition to lecturing, Amanda develops educational techniques for students with learning difficulties and contributes her academic expertise at EssayUSA.

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