What Are Teflon Mouse Feet For?

Not many computer users know what ptfe feet is. This is a practical and convenient tuning of a computer mouse called glide. They are like car tires, they also tend to deteriorate.

What Are Teflon Mouse Feet For?

What Are Teflon Mouse Feet For?

Therefore, it is necessary to systematically change the Teflon legs for the mouse. If this is not done, the device will slow down and cling to the surface.

What are they for?

First of all, the main reason for replacing the ptfe feet is poor glide. If there is no desire to part with the mouse, it is beautiful in everything, except for movement.

It is easy to recognize the abrasion of the coating. The glide level becomes the same with the general plane of the device. Then, when used, they begin to touch the surface, not only the places necessary for this, but also the body.

Also, the replacement of the legs will be necessary if the mouse was handed over for repair. Since the mounting screws are just under the glide. Even when cleaning, they must be dismantled.

It is not difficult to remove the legs, but it is problematic to return them back and they will not hold on as before. The only normal option is to put new ones.

What are they made from?

In the production of legs, PTFE polymer material is used. In common people it is called teflon.

Why this particular material? It is the only one that has a low coefficient of friction and good glide. To enhance the last function, additional grinding is carried out.

White color is an indicator of the type of material that is used. This is the natural color of the polymer, without additional impurities. Even simple paint can make the quality much worse.

Why FeetGlide Legs?

Thanks to a special Teflon coating, a high slip is obtained, that is, a fast movement. Reduced friction helps control the mouse more easily. This allows you to get several effects:

  • For people who are professionally involved in e-sports, thanks to the high speed of movement, they begin to play better.
  • The wrist practically does not strain, even during prolonged use. This is a great benefit for people who work on a computer all the time.
  • Now there is no need to press hard on the mouse and scratch the coating with the case.

Does the lift off height of the sensor suffer?

Many modern mice have the ability to build a sensor liftoff height. Even if this function is not there, you should not worry.

The height of the glider profile for each model is made specifically for the mouse model. FeetGlide legs have a better profile than other brands. They are slightly higher, only 0.1 – 0.2 millimeters. But this does not affect the usual work.

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